April 30th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Taurus?


Tauruses born under the April 30th zodiac know what they want and can’t accept to be refused. While they may be swayed by others many times, they’re stubborn to believe in what they want and can’t accept defeat.

  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Representative color: Green
  • Characteristic flower: Poppy
  • Lucky day: Friday
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Lucky metal: Copper
  • Birthstone: Emerald
  • Motto: I own!
  • Celebrities: Amanda Palmer, Burt Young, Lars von Trier, Stephen Harper, Queen Juliana, Llyod Banks, Eve Arden and Kirsten Dunst.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

The emotions of April 30th zodiac natives seem to drive them, so they experience everything intensely and are headstrong. While this can irritate many, it also makes them the most dependable friends.

Their family and friends know they can be counted on when things are becoming difficult. More than this, they can enjoy the beauty of life as it is revealed to them. Not focusing too much on the materialistic side, they’re still motivated by money and possessions.

In spite of having the richest imagination, these natives tend to have their head in the clouds for too long. They’re still down-to-earth and envied for their perceptiveness.

What’s interesting about them is that Uranus is focusing them to feel liberated, no matter the situation. These natives have the purpose to let the responsibility felt for others go. Therefore, they no longer need to feel burdened about anything, neither by what’s making them feel bad.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 5, 10, 25 and 36.

External forces can’t impede them from getting what they want because they understand how to get things done better than others. This type of knowledge is what’s allowing them to release the spasms brought on by the sign of Taurus.

Natives born on April 30th need to spend their money and to flirt around, as well to be free because there’s nothing to hold them back.

Many can trust them because they’re calm and very professional. This means they can achieve many things and go different places in order to make their dreams come true.

When in debt, they want to work more and can even lose sleep over it. This is because they don’t want to owe money, neither to borrow. As a matter of fact, they prefer to pay for things in advance. Many know all this about them and trust their ways. This is why they seem reliable for most of their friends and for their family, even for strangers.

Positive traits of April 30th zodiac

Feeling optimistic when the situation is difficult, as well having hope and being obsessive over an issue, people born on April 30th are the ones on who others can rely.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My life is just beginning.

They can make a joke in the worst situation, not to mention it’s easy for them to overcome dark moments. It’s a good idea to trust them. At the same time, they can attract the most talented individuals because they have many skills themselves and want to be around leaders.

Their birthday indicates they’re practical and ready to work hard in any situation. As they’re pragmatic and good at organizing, as well loyal, they’re good with creative and large projects.

However, they may encounter problems because they’re rebellious. The harmony in their life may be disturbed by this attitude of theirs. The decanate of Taurus can make them more sensual, not to mention it gives them their need for being loved and having affection in their life.

These people love beauty and to indulge in luxury, but they may have to be careful not to exaggerate with these things. The same influence makes them love any form of art and to appreciate nature.

Being creative, the person born on April 30th may want to express him or herself somehow. Because natives with this birthday are sensitive on the inside, they need to retreat from the outside world, somewhere in a safe haven.

Their home can be very important in the way they’re fulfilling their responsibilities, as well it can offer them a foundation on which they can build on. In spite of desiring to leave in peace and to have quiet, they may not obtain all this because they’re looking to get mentally gratified.

Using knowledge as their power, they can explore new paths in order to make some money or to fulfil their ideals. These natives can be overwhelmed by their emotions because they feel very strongly for the people in their life.

When acting responsibly, they’re ready to make any sacrifice in order for things to turn good. However, their playful side can also emerge when others least expect it, so they can surprise everyone with their spontaneous actions.

Negative traits of April 30th zodiac

People born under the April 30th zodiac remain stuck in the unhealthiest connections for too long, just to give up their positiveness altogether. Being distanced from their feeling of freedom, they can end up taking it away from others as well, because they think this is the right thing for them to do.

Not at all seeing the world in a positive way, they can still have the presence of spirit and feel alive when involved with someone. It’s easy for them to become argumentative because they have a temper and like hostile environments.

When angered, they may get to say things they don’t actually mean. In case they’re too upset with someone, it’s necessary for them to take some time off, so they’re not saying something regretful.

They’re impulsive and may need to sooner or later deal with that. Saying the wrong things when the moments are heated, they can make decisions based on their emotions. This is why it’s good for them to not speak a word when feeling upset.

Their weaknesses can impede them from getting what they want, but it’s possible for them to make things right with some efforts on their part.

Anger shouldn’t be allowed into their heart, neither their emotions to rule them. More than anything, natives born on April 30th should just relax and enjoy the world because they’ve earned their right to do just so.

Love Horoscope for the April 30th Taurus

Those who are loved by people born on April 30th should consider themselves lucky because these people are devoted. They can love profoundly, so the bonds they form usually last for a lifetime.

If caring about a person, they want to express their love by making gifts and sharing good words. When in a relationship, they give themselves completely, so they fall in love rapidly and in the most profound manner.

This means their affairs are passionate and their heart can be trampled by anything. Others don’t have feelings as strong as theirs and they can get manipulated by many. These natives tend to fall for someone very quickly, but they shouldn’t allow their emotions to interfere with their judgment.

You are most compatible with those born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th.

No matter how loyal they are in their heart, April 30th zodiac natives need to understand people can be happy only when having their own personal space and that they need this as well.

This is why they’re not staying too much around clingy people. At the same time, they should remember that more freedom doesn’t destroy the spirit of their relationships.

Temperamental, they’re also intense when loving someone. However, if they don’t pay attention, this side of theirs can have them arguing with those they love the most.

While their intentions may be good, they can seem too controlling when being too protective. In an ironic way, their fierce independence can’t stop them from keeping their loved ones close.

Career and life purpose

People whose birthday is on April 30th are very good entrepreneurs. They love taking risks and can own a business because they’re good at making decisions.

Their determination to succeed can help them in any situation. While they can accomplish great things because they’re good leaders, this can also be their weakness. In the same time, they don’t do well in a work environment that requires them to answer to others.

April 30th zodiac natives should keep in mind their emotions can sometimes overwhelm them, as well that their opinions may not all the time be considered by others.

As bosses, these natives are loyal to their employees, as well always ready to give a hand. If they’d work from home, their life would be much easier.

Moreover, they’re always ready to do anything in order to be satisfied from a material point of view and to have their security. They can even do what they don’t like and enjoy it because their motivation is tremendous.

These people are incredible as entrepreneurs and financers. They know how to make money and recognize value, but they don’t want to take risks and to make decisions that aren’t safe. It would be a good idea for them to become architects, chefs, brokers, designers, musician, entertainers or movie directors.

April 30th zodiac final thoughts

An April 30th individual should remember to keep his or her mind open. Natives with this birthday are too stubborn to ever change their mind, yet not trying new things can take all the fun from their life.

At your best: Convivial, exuberant and gregarious.
At your worst: Moody, timid and detached.

They should just relax because any new opportunity in their life can make them have a more interesting existence. More than this, they should be with someone who encourages them to sometimes get out of their comfort zone.

At the same time, they shouldn’t allow others to make them less generous. They may be tempted by money and a luxurious lifestyle, but the key to their happiness is all about being helpful and having relationships of great importance.

While being the most reliable and truthful individuals, they also have their own limits, but these aren’t about their personality or how they’re able to meet the expectations of others.

These Tauruses don’t want to be in a situation in which they’re running around in circles and live to the most impossible standards.

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