March 1st Zodiac: What’s Special About You Pisces?


A deep sensitivity and an emotional nature give these natives an edge when it comes to creating meaningful bonds with others. The March 1st Pisces is someone who cares deeply about those around, and will always strive for the best outcome and prosperity for all.

  • Symbol: Fishes
  • Element: Water
  • Ruling planet: Neptune
  • Representative color: Turquoise
  • Characteristic flower: Water Lily
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Aluminum
  • Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • Motto: I believe!
  • Celebrities: Carlos Vela, Kesha, Tim Daly, Kesha Sebert, Ron Howard, Javier Bardem, Justin Bieber and Frederic Chopin.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Since the March 1st zodiac bearers tend to be impressionable and vulnerable, negative experiences will take a toll on them quite quickly, turning them from sweet to sour. A release from such dark states can only come through opening up and expressing themselves without any form of restraint.

With a positive yet pragmatic outlook on life, the March 1st native is capable of resorting to rationality in any given circumstance. In fact, they make it their mission to teach others the same practice. Thoughtful and idealistic, life is filtered through their creative eyes in quite an imaginative and intriguing way.

Curious, inquisitive even, this individual is on a never-ending quest for knowledge and always trying to gain a deeper comprehension of the universe in order to create some sort of balance in this world. Avoiding egotistical streak will give them more insight into their true purpose on this world.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 2, 18, 27 and 32.

While these people are generally filled with high hopes, there is enough determination, diligence and practicality in their mind that they can achieve any dream they set their sights on.

Towards this end, their nature shows its true colors through their general devotion and faithfulness to others. Compassionate and loving, they will never turn a blind eye to the suffering in this society. If there’s someone in need of help, the March 1st Pisces will be there.

With a strong yearning for liberty of expression and willing to explore their imaginative side, they must consistently engage in activities that challenge their ability to create. Boring daily routines will only dull their creative process and impede their progress.

Positive traits of March 1st zodiac

This birth date implies that its natives are a healthy mix of dreamy goals and diligent work, enabling them to fulfill even the craziest of plans.

A good affirmation for you to use is: My life is growing, expanding, and thriving.

At times, this Pisces must practice a little bit of social aloofness, detaching themselves from certain issues, otherwise they might find themselves victims of depression and stress.

Enthusiastic and motivated, their managerial aptitude grants them access to positions of superiority throughout life. This also means that they can think far ahead, planning accordingly for the years to come. Even so, patience is a crucial virtue that they’ll need.

Negative traits of March 1st zodiac

The March 1st Pisces is someone who can quickly become tangled in negative states of mind. In fact, more often than not, their overall confusion regarding life and its complicated ways will leave them stagnant and unable to make a decision as to how they should proceed.

Unfortunately, during such perilous times, some people will take advantage of how impressionable the native is, and try to benefit off of their efforts.

Something this person should truly focus on fixing or at least mending to a certain degree, is their emotional vulnerability. This is often caused by how they generally overthink every single aspect of their life, and even those of others. While this world has its complexity, it’s not as hard as these natives make it seem.

Love Horoscope for the March 1st Pisces

The Pisces born on March 1st could be considered to be somewhat of a hopeless romantic. This person simply believes in love and affection. Having such an emotional nature, there is no shortage of opportunities for them to evolve and find partners to nurture and care for them. Of course, these being traits that their soulmate should reciprocate. In fact, bonds, of any nature, play an immense role in how their personality takes shape throughout the years.

Generally speaking, this sign bearer has a tendency to spend as much time as possible in one relationship. At least for as long as they feel it has meaning. Otherwise, they could be spending their life falling in and out of romantic and sexual endeavors until they find their soulmate.

You are most compatible with those born on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 24th, 26th, and 31st.

Sadly, the March 1st zodiac native is prone to spending time and bonding with the wrong type of people, which frankly, are nothing but toxic for their overall health and growth. This is a self-created illusion that they are sometimes too afraid to see past.

Devoted, loyal, affectionate, intense and fiercely passionate, romance for them is sacred and felt with every fiber in their being. They feel love in such a raw manner, that it sometimes becomes intoxicating and even harmful. Even so, under no circumstances will they ever forsake honesty since it is the pillar of trust and bonding.

Career and life purpose

The March 1st zodiac Pisces is blessed with all the qualities of a natural leader, capable of taking rational, quick decisions for themselves and their team, in order to reach the best possible outcome.

Their ideals and practicality bring forth such ingenious results that most of the people they encounter can only be left in awe. Wise and spiritually adept, they offer counsel and guide others towards reaching their full potential. Towards this end, they can excel in fields of psychology, faith or religion and even mysticism.

Communicative, amicable and sociable, bonding for these natives comes with ease. Similarly, coming up with brilliant, refreshing plans is as easy as breathing for them. This keeps both them and their peers on edge and motivated.

While the world of entrepreneurs might seem alluring and would provide them with success, their heart might be better nurtured if they chose to explore their artistic side.

As such, becoming involved in music, dancing and acting, even painting is something that might interest them profoundly. On the same page, urban and interior design are also something to work on if they so desire.

Being able to speak freely with any kind of person and having the aptitude to be compelling, marketing is a domain in which they could work wonders.

March 1st zodiac final thoughts

The March 1st Pisces is a devoted and trustworthy individual that has the calling of the cosmos in their spirit. Unlocking the hidden knowledge of the universe, understanding the world and its machinations as well as perceiving the core of humanity’s collective spirit are all missions that this zodiac bearer must accomplish throughout life.

At your best: Adventurous, intellectual and philosophical.
At your worst: Interfering, miserly and pompous.

Overthinking is detrimental to their tasks. In order to make full use of their abilities and insight, and become as productive in their endeavors as possible, they must learn to step back, relax and look at the bigger picture. Overexerting themselves will only become an obstacle in their path.

Unfortunately, these aren’t their only downfalls. Due to their gullible and vulnerable nature, this Pisces will often be the victim of emotional extortion and many will try to take advantage of this honest, innocent fish. But even this part of theirs has its bright side since it fuels their positivity and overall hopeful outlook they have on life.

While there is quite an unstable and volatile side to them, all of this bright energy that they exude seems to stitch everything together, ever so tightly, creating the forever optimistic Pisces that can see the good in everything and everybody they encounter on their path towards prosperity and fulfillment. Those born on this date were meant for spiritual growth, something that can be shared with all those willing to learn.

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