March 18th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Pisces?


Vulnerable and impatient, the March 18th Pisces strives for growth and evolution, beyond what others generally seek. Insightful and creative, their mind is blessed by a youthful energy.

  • Symbol: Fishes
  • Element: Water
  • Ruling planet: Neptune
  • Representative color: Turquoise
  • Characteristic flower: Water Lily
  • Lucky day: Thursday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Aluminum
  • Birthstone: Aquamarine
  • Motto: I believe!
  • Celebrities: Lily Collins, Adam Levine, Marvin Humes, Edgar Cayce, Queen Latifah, Mike Rowe, Dane Cook and Vanessa Williams.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

The March 18th zodiac bearer’s idealism and skills often require an outlet of expression. Luckily, there is only one impediment in their way, which is a lack of determination and diligence, however that is something that is remediable through time.

Born with a great aptitude for managing situations, plans and groups of people, they are perfectly tailored for positions of superiority. As opposed to their other Pisces kin, the March 18th born ones are ever so confident.

With such insight, the road ahead is overall revealed to them, allowing for a more efficient and well-planned journey that yields certain success. Unfortunately, the majority of these natives are inclined towards disregarding the feelings of others when it comes to achieving their own goals. If they learn to respect the boundaries of others, only prosperity and fulfillment awaits them.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 2, 17, 23 and 34.

The March 18th zodiac bearer is gifted with great perseverance by their birthday decanate ruler. This allows them to face adversity and come out victorious, all for the sake of growth and self-development.

Challenging times are what helps them realize their worth, putting their abilities through fire and brimstone in order to yield more precious results. Having an analytical mind helps these members of society to better understand their surroundings and prepare themselves for what’s to come.

Because of this, there are few areas of life in which the native cannot achieve full success. In fact, even in those particular aspects, with enough patience and time, they could still accomplish their goals. This achievement-oriented nature of their might unfortunately make them prone to taking advantage of others along the way, which will taint their spirituality.

Few realize this, except for the March 18th Pisces, but with enough patience, one could yield the results they desire. Knowing this, these natives are able to more efficiently grasp any opportunities that come their way and take full advantage of them, reaping benefits like none other.

A volatile duality of their nature as well as a taste for the more refined imply that these people generally yearn for a lavish lifestyle. But in order to achieve such a status, one should be aware of the time and determination it takes, as well as how much discipline and moderation must be practiced.

Positive traits of March 18th zodiac

“No risk, no reward” a saying that the March 18th Pisces embodies and that hints to a lifestyle of thrills and challenges that by exploiting them, the native guarantees their own success.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I let my intuition guide me.

Always seeking adversity that they can overcome implies a sense of ambition that pushes this individual onward regardless of the obstacles ahead. Having a keen eye for details often translates into an ability to comprehend certain circumstances that others might be blind to.

This provides even more opportunities for this sign bearer to grow. Because of their nature and magnetic personality, others flock to them, seeking guidance and advice, so that they too can succeed as efficiently as this Pisces.

With ethics set in stone and a desire to explore, their perseverance is often fueled by their curious nature.

Negative traits of March 18th zodiac

Unfortunately, many people who meet the March 18th born sign bearer will perceive them incorrectly due to their erratic and unpredictable demeanor. Confused, egotistic and unstable, they are prone to losing sight of their true calling due to their strong yearning for accomplishments.

Their darkest hours often result in a lack of attention and appreciation of the self. So much of their time and efforts are dedicated to others, that this native simply forgets to pay attention to their own needs, making room for disappointment and a spiritual imbalance to take root in their heart.

Love Horoscope for the March 18th Pisces

True to their nature, these Pisces are hopeless romantics who find great joy and fulfillment in experiencing true love and affection. Unfortunately, their ideal for such a complex construct is often unrealistic enough that they might never experience it, leaving them disappointed in the aftermath.

Feelings and matters of the heart are crucial elements in the life of any that bear the March 18th zodiac, exceedingly so when it comes to those born on this date. For them love is as precious as the water they drink and they feel it on such a depth that it leaves the target of their affection in awe.

You are most compatible with those born on the 3th, 5th, 6th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 21th, 23th, 24th and 31st.

Even so, their inner self tends to elude them, leaving the native often confused by their own feelings. This impedes the progress towards a prosperous relationship since it makes it difficult for the Pisces to attune themselves with their inner, spiritual world.

Thrills and intimacy are crucial when it comes to romantic endeavors, but what is truly important is the tranquility that such a meaningful bond brings. There are certain periods as well as events in their lives in which the March 18th zodiac bearer will lose sight of their emotional principles and prioritize work.

Unfortunately, such circumstances often take place when opportunities for love are most present, meaning they could easily lose the chance of finding their soulmates during these spiritual crossroads.

Career and life purpose

While diligent and devoted to their goals, it’s crucial that they don’t get stuck in typical daily routines. Consistently practicing such activities will only invite stagnation and limit their creative process. In order for them to make proper use of their skills and sharpen them even further, they need to experience diverse activities that are meant to keep them on their toes.

To this end, a field of work that requires exploration is required for the March 18th zodiac natives, such as tourism, which will have them traveling around the globe and meeting new, intriguing individuals.

Being blessed with creativity and ingenuity can also allow them to invest their time and efforts into excelling in more artistically inclined careers, such as designing, acting, writing, dancing, so on and so forth.

Their compassion and desire to help those in need might also push them into engaging charity and humanitarian oriented organizations. Similarly, a career in education or even entrepreneurial endeavors might interest them, seeing as how their brimming and inquisitive intellect will prove efficient tools of such trades.

March 18th zodiac final thoughts

Kind, gentle and able to properly perceive their surroundings, the March 18th Pisces finds pleasure in taking on a multitude of challenges in order to further develop their already exquisite set of skills.

In order to stay focused and guarantee their success, it’s crucial for this native to never lose sight of themselves and be ever so confident in their abilities. Keeping an open mind will help in fending off such turmoil since it will help them see the bigger picture, giving them the ability to better appreciate what they have and the achievements they can gain.

At your best: Passionate, self-disciplined and decisive.
At your worst: Careless, untrustworthy and moody.

Keeping a rational mind will ensure the expansion of their circle of friends. It will also help them attain the finances required to live the lavish lifestyle they so desire. In order to stay tethered and down to earth, this zodiac bearer should always remain understanding of those around them, never resorting to adopting a critical outlook on others.

The paradoxical conflict that is the life of a March 18th born Pisces is at the center of their fate. Creating a balance between their ideals and maintaining a practical outlook is paramount to them achieving their goals on the long run.

In order to make their success a certainty, they must learn how to recognize their own worth. Sincerity will help them mediate a great deal of conflicts in life, allowing for more space to work their magic and fulfill their plans.

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