Aries and Taurus Compatibility in Love & Life: A Tender Relationship


Despite being neighbors in the Zodiac, their approach to life is very different. While Aries are hasty and always in a rush, Taurus like to take things easy and enjoy the moment. In love, Aries is just as brash and a daredevil, just as in other aspects of their life.

Criteria Aries Taurus Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Below average ❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤

They like to fight and win their lover over, so pursuing is a fun game for them. They are intense, and very open and flirtatious. Taurus prefers to take everything one step at a time and they move slowly.

Both are Spring signs, so they have creative energy and are imaginative and forward thinking. Aries is a fire sign, masculine and proactive, while earth-sign Taurus is feminine, open, and more flexible. While Aries leads and sets things into motion, Taurus has the patience to bring them to the end and to reap the reward of their long-term commitments.

The chemistry between an Aries and a Taurus can be unexpectedly good, especially if we’re talking about a female Aries and male Taurus couple. The two signs complement each other very nicely.

In the beginning they will feel strong attraction and admiration for one another, but as they get to know each other better, sometimes their differences might be big enough to cause misunderstandings.

They will need some time to navigate this turbulent period before they learn how to deal with each other’s opposing opinions or different styles of self-expression.

When These Two Fall in Love

Aries is a cardinal sign. They love moving forward and initiating things, so them making the first move is most likely in this relationship. They will notice Taurus and admire them for their grace and charm, so they will of course try to impress and win them over.

Taurus is a fixed sign, so they don’t like change as much. They are distant and slow to let down their guard around new people. With regards to relationships, they are serious minded and look for long-term commitment so they won’t jump straight in if they know they can’t get just that.

Aries will interpret this as playing hard to get, which will get them even more fired up to charm the Taurus. Taurus will take their time to decode the Aries’ real intentions before moving forward.

Long-lasting love is a major possibility with the Aries Taurus compatibility, if they can adapt each other’s different paces.

In the beginning, Aries will try their best to impress the Taurus, while Taurus will enjoy their fiery energy. Expect a really extravagant show of affection, with enormous bouquets of flowers, fireworks, live performances even.

If things get too loud and intense, Taurus will want to silence Aries and to have them control their emotions better, which will obviously feel like an insult to Aries.

If Taurus kills off Aries’ enthusiasm completely, then Aries will quickly move on and never look back. If they learn to accept each other’s differences and take the time to discuss each problem openly and calmly, their relationship will be strong and everlasting.

What Aries needs to understand is that Taurus is down to earth and likes sincere gestures, not necessarily grand and flashy ones.

Together, the two signs have complementing features. However, certain things they have in common can be more of a drawback. Both signs are steady and convinced of being right. Neither of them is open to changing their opinions or habits either.

Sometimes, each sign might see the other’s strong point as a weakness. Taurus can see Aries as being to brash, disorganized, and prone to making mistakes.

Aries sees Taurus as too slow and like they are holding them back with their need for organization. Both signs can learn from one another. It is best for neither of them to forcefully try to change the other.

Aries and Taurus Relationship Key Facts

Both signs are known to be stubborn, but this is even more so true for fixed sign Taurus. Earth sign Taurus is, well, down to earth.

Taurus people do everything slow and steady and they like to be in touch with nature and to cherish the things they most value.

Aries are less sentimental and extremely fast paced. They like to live in the present, without wasting much time to ponder on the past or on deeper things. Aries can get annoyed by Taurus’ tranquil way of life, which doesn’t match their insane level of energy.

In their relationship, both Aries and Taurus are protective and generous with their partner. After getting used to each other’s differences and strength, they will be able to work together to lift each other up and to achieve amazing feats.

They make a very good team, with Aries starting new conquests and keeping spirits high, while helping Taurus likes to stay in the background and watch over to make sure that everything is running smooth and steady.

Both signs can be independent and they have their own interests and groups of friends they hang out with, which ensures they don’t get caught in a boring routine.

However, they should invest time into their romantic life even if they’ve been together for months or years. If they grow distant, Aries might lose their drive altogether, while Taurus will get needy and clingy.

Aries and Taurus Marriage Compatibility

The two could easily maintain a long-distance relationship or marriage, with Aries working far away from home for most of the time, while Taurus takes care of the house and of the financial responsibilities. With Taurus in the relationship, the married couple will be able to build wealth and prosperity throughout the years.

A big difference and source of annoyance for the two signs is their different thinking patterns. Aries is quick and chaotic, while Taurus is much more organized and methodical, albeit too slow and careful for their partner.

Because of this Taurus might have a hard time following Aries sometimes. While Taurus might see Aries as an impulsive idiot at times, Aries thinks Taurus can be a boring kill-joy.

It’s the worst when Aries has a random plan they thought of and which they want to apply now, but Taurus wants to first analyze all the details before joining in on it.

Taurus needs stability and security, so marriage is an ultimate goal for them, while freedom-loving Aries might be taken aback and want to run away from such commitments.  Both sign’s needs have to be fulfilled and responsibilities have to be equally split between the signs.

Homemaker Taurus might sometimes need a helping hand around the household, but they will also have to attend important high-end events with Aries to show their support and admiration for their partner’s hard work and success.

Drawbacks of This Match

Aries are adventure and danger-loving, but tend to be financially irresponsible, and both of these things will drive their safe and money-savvy Taurus partner insane. It would be best to find a common ground to satisfy both parties here.

Both signs work on completely different levels. Speedy Aries wants to stay forever young and free, to travel the world and to have never-ending adventures.

Taurus wants to settle down and to uphold traditions and maybe even create a family. Becoming parents can be nice for this couple, as long as parental and domestic responsibilities are evenly split between the two.

In the end, the two will subconsciously be forced to adapt their speed and lifestyle to the other’s, together reaching a good balance.

Aries will be the force driving the two forward and always brining something new and exciting to the table, while Taurus will be the grounding anchor to keep Aries from going astray.

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