Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility in Love & Life: An Effortless Relationship


Nobody else could fully understand and share Sagittarius’ love for thrill and adventure, other than another Sagittarius, of course! Such a couple is always going to be busy exploring the world and trying crazy new ideas. Based on their shared need for excitement and adventure, they will be able to build a very strong bond.

Criteria Sagittarius Sagittarius Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Below average ❤❤
Communication Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

As lovers, they are generous, kind, and affectionate in their own way. When around each other, they can’t help but get giddy and excited about their common interests and about plans for their future trips and endeavors.

This sign is under the rule of planet Jupiter, which makes them big risk takers, active, adventurous, and always positive.

They’re deep thinkers, good conversation partners, and highly charming and humorous. They can get very excited about sharing their ideas and they have a natural flair for oratory. Many of their conversations will turn into interesting and fruitful debates.

When These Two Fall in Love

Neither of them is very romantic, and they’re better suited for a platonic relationship. Still, they can certainly enjoy the time spent together as long as it lasts. They are like muses towards one another.

They inspire each other to push harder, to always go further, and they can satiate each other’s need for excitement. They will go on lots of trips together, and they will come up with interesting project ideas, especially in business. Everything they do together has to do with learning or experimenting something new.

Two Sagittarius lovers might treat their relationship with such detachment that it might end up becoming more of a “friends with benefits” thing. They are open to the idea of an open relationship, which might push them in the arms of someone who is more serious about them.

In case things don’t work out, because of the remarkable Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility, they will still be great friends even after their relationship comes to an end. Deep down, they both know that nobody can relate to them the same way as they can to one another.

There are many positives about their relationship. First off, they seek quality and they don’t do anything in half measures. This attitude can prove especially beneficial in business projects. They learn quickly and effortlessly, and they can easily master anything they put their mind to.

Sagittarius is dedicated to their goals and they hold themselves as well as their partner to high standards. They will both motivate and help each other to reach their full potential. They understand each other’s limits and needs very well, and they respect them without fail. Sagittarius get annoyed easily and they can be very abrasive when it happens.

Sagittarius cannot stand being criticized or ordered around, and they will avoid pushing each other’s buttons if possible. After all, with two fire signs in the relationship, things can get pretty heated, and sometimes in a bad way.

But when it comes to two Sagittarius partners, they are more like spirit animals. They know how to treat each other, because that’s how they want to be treated themselves.

When it comes to sex, things will never get boring for them. The passion is strong and things get intense quickly. Sometimes, so much fire might be too much to handle, and things will get uncontainable. This is especially applicable in day to day life, when their arguments can go into a wrong direction.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Relationship Key Facts

They have lots of things in common which bring them closer together. However, some of these shared traits can also become problematic. Sagittarius is competitive and easily annoyed; they don’t do criticism well either. They need to work a lot on compromising and keeping their calm.

When things get tense, they should remember all the great things they appreciate about one another, and overlook each other’s negative traits. It wouldn’t be bad to tone down their ego and see things from their partner’s perspective from time to time.

Keeping their cool would be a good way to navigate contradictory conversations when they arise. Appreciating constructive criticism and not taking things to heart is another good idea.

These negatives aside, two Sagittarius are a good match from most points of view. They are intrigued and drawn to one another because of their nonconventional way of seeing the world and of living life.

They’re not the most romantic of signs, so they will need to put in some extra work to keep the spark alive, otherwise their relationship might lose its deeper meaning. Still, they are happy to keep each other company.

They experience life and the world around them in a unique way. Together, they are ready to conquer the world and discover all of its beautiful mysteries and secrets.

They’re harsh and tactless, especially when angered, so they need to work on their self-restraint. This way, they can avoid the ugly fights and arguments that could greatly downgrade their relationship.

In general, there’s no chance for them to get bored together. They have big circles of friends and they are always easy-going and cheerful. When one of them is down, the other is ready to pick them up and help them move forward. Neither of them gets left behind.

Marriage Compatibility Between Two Sagittarius

They’re curious about what lies behind the façade. Sagittarius is charming when out in society, but they always put on a mask to protect themselves. Behind closed doors, they will get to know each other better and come to a full understanding of one another.

Some words to describe them are: optimistic, cheerful, flexible, determined, experimental. They’re always open to change. They might evolve a lot from one day to the next, and they are always growing into a different person. Hopefully, the two Sagittarius lovers will grow together, not apart.

They tend to run away from responsibility. In any relationship they are in, they have a good connection and they cherish one another deeply. They’re kind, open, helpful, and honest to each other, whether they’re friends, family, or co-workers.

They might avoid any kind of obligation when it comes to business or getting serious about their relationship. Marriage and starting a family might not be in their book, as they both value freedom too much.

When they have an argument, they can make up quickly thereafter, no apologies needed. They sense each other’s guilt and they do their best to sweeten things up and cheer their partner. They are quick to forgive, and they know how to give constructive criticism and heartfelt apologies.

Drawbacks of This Match

They’re not demanding or clingy, but they’re also not very dedicated lovers. That’s not to say that they are cheaters, but they don’t give each other that much attention. Sagittarius needs constant excitement, and so they seek change all the time.

They might feel the need to meet new people even when in a relationship. They’re quick to fall in love, hard, but they also get bored just as fast. What is more, they have a natural aversion towards commitment and anything that diminishes their freedom.

Sagittarius is highly competitive, even with their partner. In the Sagittarius and Sagittarius match they will feel the impulse to constantly one-up one another, which will obviously not end well when they keep contradicting and trying to outwit each other. Obviously, this cannot be a healthy relationship dynamic.

They can be arrogant in the sense that they are so self-assured about their opinions and beliefs. They are very stubborn and wouldn’t change their way of life or compromise easily, even if it’s for the good of their relationship.

Communication wise, they are not the most sensible. In the heat of the moment, they can say many harsh things which will cut deeply.

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