Neptune Trine Pluto Natal and Transit: Acceptance and Kindness

  • The natal trine between Neptune and Pluto is suggestive of a person who finds great allies in their friends.
  • The Neptune trine Pluto transit helps us come up with personal revelations and be more in tune with others’ feelings.
  • Neptune is the planet named after the Roman god of the sea and governs our imagination, dreams and spiritual visions.
  • In astrology, the trine aspect is considered a soft one, meaning the two planets are in harmony with each other and the tensions are low.
  • Pluto is responsible with power plays, transformations and changes, manipulations and control issues.

Keep reading for the natal meaning of this aspect or jump to the transit interpretation.

Neptune trine Pluto Natal

This planetary positioning is rather bountiful, especially when it comes to balance and development of self. It brings with it a desire for serenity that can also affect the world as a whole and might also light up the yearning for knowledge in the subjects of mysticism and supernatural.

Those under the Neptune trine Pluto will also have their instinct dialed to eleven and will be able to foresee most of the events that will be transpiring in the period to come.

There will also be a particular interest aroused for anything involving the afterlife or the theory of reincarnation which can be a rather common subject for this generation in particular.

The coordinates of Pluto in the natal chart will provide understanding for what drives a person’s faith and will show what it is that they can do to affect it, whether in a positive or negative way. Due to this planet being rather slow in its movements, the location of the house is usually of a higher priority in deducing the effects of this aspect.

As for its transiting relationship with Neptune, it will greatly aid individuals in chasing and accomplishing their own goals, using their creativity as their main tool, which will also eventually benefit towards humanity’s welfare.

The greatest allies for this goal can be found in friendships. Those typically close to these people will play a great role in their uprising towards greatness. Spiritually and mentally, there will be a thirst for growth and friends will be of great aid towards this goal. Birds of a feather, flock together, or so the saying might go.

This means that their characteristics and interests will greatly resemble that of those influenced by this planetary aspect! That’s why it would be best to share each other’s strength towards what seems to be goals all too similar to each other. It might not seem like it sometimes, but on their journey, an ideal and visionary future for humanity is more than certain to be created.

While this trine aspect comes with an array of opportunities and the awakening of latent abilities and talents, it also makes one’s vision of their surroundings and own self rather blurry.

Making them miss out on opportunities and on taking advantage of one’s own talents. On that note, on the alley of skills and aptitude, Neptune tends to shine brightly in the art department, with a great set of abilities for imaginative expressionism.

When it comes to traits, Pluto is rather impulsive and stubborn, which can mean that an individual might either fight for what they believe in and develop themselves to the best of their power.

Or they might simply self-destruct under all the stress due to impassivity. It all depends on how one uses the tools at their disposal.

Neptune trine Pluto Transit

During this particular transit, you might experience a shift in the balance of the world. Things are changing and the harmony might be in danger. Or not?

Maybe a better future is waiting around the corner. To make sure, one only has to peek beneath superficial and slight changes and details in order to truly see what is happening on a deeper more meaningful level.

This transition is in close relationship with illusions and insight. You ought to pierce the veil that’s been blinding you up until now in order to see what’s really happening around you.

Only then can one truly start developing and evolving as an individual and aiding the world in doing the same. Whatever feels fake or superficial is bound to bring a great deal of bad luck during this period!

Together with being able to see hidden truths, you’ll also be able to gain an analytical ability like none other, enabling you to better yourself more efficiently and notice any slight details or subtle changes.

It will also aid you in deciding whether any of these changes are for better or for worse. Opening up your mind towards your surroundings is crucial for your evolution as a conscious being. Because of this, you might feel the need to join any sort of groups that have the same interest.

Another thing that will be noticeable during this transit will be your overall thirst for knowledge, mostly of self, that will enable you to better control your reactions throughout life.

In the process of all of this, you’ll also come to the realization that most of the things happening to you are beyond your power to influence or control, as such, it will be easier for you to lay back and relax. Try focusing on what it is you can truly affect and change towards a better future for yourself and those around you.

Keeping an open mind will be of utter importance in bringing yourself closer towards unifying the world’s banners beneath a common goal, the future of humanity, both as a whole as well as individuals.

With the greater good being such a subjective standard, there is a multitude of open-ended questions left to answer in an infinity of ways in order to better come up with what could truly be the greater good of mankind. And this is one of the masterpieces of this planetary aspect while it’s in transit, the sheer amount of possibilities lying around each corner!

The drive to show sympathy is not too uncommon during this period, especially when encountering individuals that seem to greatly require aid. You may profoundly appreciate the masterful articulation and the refined joys accessible to you.

During this period, you’ll also tend to feel the urge to simply appreciate and enjoy mostly all forms of art due to the yearning and overall joy that come out of freedom of expression. This can also serve towards sharpening your insight and seeing beyond illusions, separating what is real from what is simply made up.

All in all, the Neptune trine Pluto aspect is here to most importantly provide you with the tools required to properly use your mind and sight in order to understand, comprehend and adapt to reality as it is, but not only that! It will also serve you well in attaining a higher state of spirituality and compassion, which will help you to more easily feel for your fellow people as well as enjoy and appreciate life on a much deeper level than before.

Your newfound vision of the world can feel fresh and alien at the same time, but it is the reality in which you live in and its beauty is just starting to show! So, make sure to get out there and expose yourself to opportunities for development, thrills and enjoyment!

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