March 21st Zodiac: What’s Special About You Aries?


People born under the March 21st zodiac are Arieses and therefore, open, positive, ready for adventure, as well full of passion. These natives keep their optimism no matter what.

  • Symbol: The Ram
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Representative color: Red
  • Characteristic flower: Honeysuckle
  • Lucky day: Monday
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Lucky metal: Iron
  • Birthstone: Diamond
  • Motto: I am, I do!
  • Celebrities: Rosie O’Donnell, Matthew Broderick, Gary Oldman, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ronaldinho, Justin Pierce, Antoine Griezmann and Scott Eastwood.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

March 21st zodiac bearers can quickly learn almost anything and are eager to take risks. The sign of Aries is influencing them to enjoy change and to look for it. Motivated to succeed and possessing an assertive mind, they’re still ready to make new friends and to get involved in activities that have something to do with others or being in a team.

These Arieses are energetic and determined to make their dreams come true. Sometimes, they can hurry too much and be impatient because they want progress to happen faster. In an idealistic situation, they want to communicate and to share their amazing ideas about people.

They’re doers with a strong confidence in themselves, not to mention their optimism is higher than others’. As a matter of fact, it’s their most precious personal trait. Natives born on March 21st always know how to encourage others and be strong, as well to find solutions to any problem.

When everyone is depressed, they’re the ones to take action again, as in their inner world, they understand that even if things are bad, they can rely on themselves to make everything right again. Having the need to acknowledge, they can obtain success no matter where they may be going.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 7, 12, 23 and 33.

At the same time, they’re focused on the materialistic side of life and can gain many benefits when it comes to it because they’re intuitive and have vision. Because they expect their efforts to be paid, these people are always ready to work hard for what they have.

More than often, they’re appreciated for their high ideals at work, so their income is enough for themselves and their loved ones. Mars is influencing them on the double, bringing a lot of courage and the required skills for overcoming difficulties.

Also, their intuition helps them identify the best businesses. Since they’re creative and always inspired, they can judge things correctly, while their enthusiasm is always impressive. Inclined to be stubborn, they need to learn how to no longer fight with others.

Talented at making their money, people whose birthday is on March 21st should as well be more ready to make compromises. If they’re too materialistic, they should try and no longer worry too much about money because no matter how rich and successful, they can do this.

These individuals know how to develop the best strategies, but it’s essential they have a balance between their need to be successful and their generosity. They can win a lot by investing in others, but it’s essential they trust their business partners more.

Having many friends, they love to be sociable at work, so they’re often forming partnerships with the organized and hardworking people. Because their personality is at two opposite poles, they’re eager to make money and to obtain power while in the same time looking for their peace of mind. This is why their home is a safe haven.

Some of them may obtain harmony by being artists or doing a creative job. However, they need to not allow themselves to relax all the time because they need to be anxious and not passive in life.

Having their birthday on March 21st shows that they have the proper mindset and can teach youngsters many things. As a matter of fact, these natives are very good mentors. People come to them for valuable advice, especially when it comes to teenagers.

Positive traits of March 21st zodiac

Not quite like others but down-to-earth, the person born on March 21st is respected in his or her social circle. Natives with this birthday can have the most balanced relationships. Able to make others function at their best, they’re also inspiring many to have courage, not to mention they can perform real miracles when nurturing their loved ones to have faith.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I open to guidance and love and offer the same in return.

Their most appreciated personal trait is their incredible optimism. No matter how hopeless a situation seems, these natives can find a solution and are always ready to encourage others to succeed.

When others are depressed, they’re the ones to make the days better and to show the most positive attitude. However, this doesn’t mean they can all the time be successful. They may have the emotional power to overcome difficult situations, but finding solutions to problems sometimes requires more than that.

Negative traits of March 21st zodiac

A March 21st birthday individual needs to no longer be so stubborn. Those who born during this day can end up stuck in a rut because they’re too headstrong and can refuse that sometimes, what others are saying is helpful.

Because they’re extreme in many situations, they can often feel lost in different stories, not knowing what to do and who to trust. When insecure and not supported, they become needy and start to overthink.

As soon as they have found a solution to one of their problems, they insist on it until they drop, not to mention they refuse to accept there can be a better one. As a matter of fact, this can insult their pride, situation in which they keep attacking others and become unproductive.

Love Horoscope for the March 21st Aries

Natives born under the March 21st zodiac need to be mentally stimulated and want to participate at all kind of social events. They like intelligent people who have the power, but they need to avoid playing mind games with their partner.

If in love, they’re giving and open, yet they have to learn how to obtain a balance between their needs and the ones of their other half. Giving a lot of importance to how their romantic connections are evolving, these individuals want to get married and are focusing on it.

You are most compatible with those born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th.

However, they often have love issues and need to be alone in order to solve them. They seem to not suffer like all Arieses, as well to not ask for the attention of others when having a problem with their love life.

The solutions they find to such issues are usually their own and the most original, as well difficult to understand for others. Many see them as too dramatic when suffering. At least they never lose their enthusiasm when it comes to romance.

Inside their heart, they’re romantic and can make many changes for the person they love, just because they want something ideal and are looking for their partner to be perfect and happy.

Career and life purpose

Intelligent and not always ready to explore new intellectual territories, people born on March 21st can focus only on one thing when it comes to business, not to mention they’re subjective with those who are disregarding their opinions.

They can be fanatic about their own truths, so it’s rare for them to be objective, especially when it comes to business. This is why they can’t make discoveries or reform anything. At least March 21st zodiac natives are hardworking and can develop within certain limits. As well, they’re masters of knowledge and want to learn, not to mention the fact that they’re ready to make sacrifices shows how great leaders they can be.

When focusing on a project, they can work until feeling completely exhausted. Their values are collected from everywhere and they want to work on them as much as they can.

March 21st zodiac final thoughts

A native with the March 21st birthday needs to remember that he or she is the only one who can make him or herself feel stuck. When frustrated because they can no longer make a move, these natives need to see things through a new pair of eyes and accept they may be wrong about something.

At your best: Reserved, gregarious and reliable.
At your worst: Possessive, unkind and foolish.

This breakthrough in their way of thinking can bring them many great things. If they want to discover what they’re the best at, it’s important they look at their ancestors, as they can find out about the most special stories that can help them build their foundation and progress in life.

No matter what job they have, these people are great mediators and can do a great job when collaborating with others. As soon as realizing they can rely on their talents, they can work to become the most impressive artists. Their life should be balanced because they’re striving to focus on Venus and to find the peace, the sensuality and the love in their life.

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