April 17th Zodiac: What’s Special About You Aries?


Arieses born on April 17th are extremely focused on their goals. They make plans, they envision their success, and they are determined enough to follow those strategies to the letter.

  • Symbol: The Ram
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling planet: Mars
  • Representative color: Red
  • Characteristic flower: Honeysuckle
  • Lucky day: Monday
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Lucky metal: Iron
  • Birthstone: Diamond
  • Motto: I am, I do!
  • Celebrities: John Pierpont Morgan, William Holden, Victoria Beckham, James Last, Rooney Mara, Jennifer Garner, Clare Francis and Sean Bean.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

Impulsivity might sometimes be a problem but ambition and a fiery attitude fix that, moreover, the April 17th zodiac natives might decide to change their views on the spot.

These natives have a very good intuition that brings them luck, so they’ll likely not have problems with money. However, they need to grow up, discipline themselves, and take life at face value.

They are hard-working and responsible enough to overcome any problem but they also need to relax for a few seconds.

They are multifaceted people, with the most important being determination, ambition, and very good instincts. Being perfectionists, they are very satisfied with their work once finished but they don’t have to become control-freak fanatics that worry about everything. Being straightforward is good but not overly stubborn.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 3, 17, 25 and 37.

On side of then tends to incline towards realism and responsibility, while the other is unpredictable, unexpected, and craving for adventure. Learning to harmonize both of them is going to be their challenge in this life.

They shouldn’t inhibit or block off their craving for adventure and dynamism because it’s going to make them agitated, and they won’t be able to focus. They should take all the opportunities they get, and don’t repress anything.

Deep inside, they still believe in the essence of learning from mistakes. Doing something practical is more efficient than learning theory in their case. Tuning in to their intuition will help greatly.

Positive traits of April 17th zodiac

The most important quality they possess is the sheer determination and focus on the task at hand. They will finish anything they set their mind to even if it takes years. And they are optimistic all the way.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I am my own best chance for success.

Being imaginative and determined takes on whole new meanings for them. Social and professional life are combined perfectly in their case. And relationships, they will leave those aside until they harmonize with their family and close ones.

To achieve a goal, they are willing to do anything. They will befriend people, unite them under a common purpose, and support all the members until they finish the work. They are perfect for these kinds of roles.

This native puts a lot of importance on nurturing friendships, and he or she focuses their attention on this first and foremost. It will be worth it in the end because of the innate calmness and patience.

Negative traits of April 17th zodiac

Even if they get enthused about many things, and they are focused entirely on them, perfectionism often leads to depression when things fail. And that’s what happens to these natives.

Being determined is good but not in an exaggerated and naïve way. Emotions are unleashed in their case, completely uncontrollable, and they have short fuses all the time.

Falling in a pit of negativity will lead to underestimation, self-criticism, self-pity, and general detrimental feelings. People will start to take the long way off around you. Being negative is no fun.

This person should try to reinvigorate their self-confidence, to realize that they are more than they seem to be. Admitting and validating one’s qualities through experiences should do the trick. No one is perfect, and that’s a universal truth. The rest is up to the individual.

Love Horoscope for the April 17th Aries

Being so self-aware makes it quite difficult to find a partner that conforms to their high expectations. Being born under the April 17th zodiac means that these natives aren’t that impulsive. Indeed, they are intuitive, and they immediately know when something’s wrong.

The ideal partner should be intelligent and curious enough to jolt their interest every time boredom sets in. Someone with similar plans and ideas should do the trick, though it’s hard to find such a person.

You are most compatible with those born on the 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22th, 26th, 28th and 31st.

They aren’t interested in vain and superficial people who can’t be serious. Someone who lacks ambition and determination to achieve success isn’t someone they want to meet.

Of course, they first need to be independent and free of all worries first. Being favored by the Sun and Uranus makes it really hard to commit to long-standing relationships because it would inhibit their freedom.

This is why they will often struggle to reobtain it once it’s lost. Relationships will break off, and only true love and understanding will make them stay for good.

They have many passions and cravings in love but mistakes and failed attempts lead them to all sorts of negative people. When they stabilize their emotions and accept those passions, they will find someone fitting for them.

Career and life purpose

A person born on April 17th is incredibly motivated to follow his or her dreams. Being multifaceted and multitalented makes it easy to find success. Coupled with a strong intuition, it’s all but a foregone conclusion.

Of course, compromises are also needed, and they totally understand that. Being focused on success means putting in the extra time on a project, missing some family dinners, and working hard.

April 17th zodiac natives want to feel proud, to achieve social status, and financial stability in their professional lives. This is their motivation, and only intriguing working places can harness all that potential. Business seems like a good choice.

They should think about enrolling in the medicine domain or taking up the lawyer’s role. That will put their abilities to the test.

April 17th zodiac final thoughts

People born on April 17th are focused individuals who know that success comes out of hard work and determination. Their dreams are achievable as long as they are careful at every step of the way. Intuition helps a lot.

However, being single-mindedly focused on career makes social relationships falter. Self-confidence comes and goes away, and when it’s going down, isolation is the likely possibility. They will likely avoid social contact for a time, until they fix themselves.

Going into arguments and conflicts isn’t an option either, no matter what’s at stake at that moment.

These people only need to find a singular goal to fight for all their lives. Achieving unity of being while being born on April 17th means never giving up from struggling. They can guide people to the truth, help them see the path, and teach everyone about the nature of success.

At your best: Funny, pioneering and willing.
At your worst: Mean, callous and nervous.

They will often find themselves in other countries and places that will test their knowledge and hardness of character. However, they need to be spiritually and intuitively aware of their own person in order to find that unity of being. That singleness of purpose.

Being rational and impartial will help them tremendously in life. They need to take a step back and analyze a situation objectively, without the interference of emotions. This is how they fix issues and problems. Finding a way to put aside emotions and focus on logic is that way.

Making mistakes is common but they should pay attention because theirs are very costly. Confusing things and making the wrong decisions will cut off from their potential in the future.

And when this happens, they need to avoid becoming negative, fraught with self-criticism, and isolated. Their friends will be happy to blow away that depressive fog they’ve been muddling in. Close people will always be there when the situation is dire.

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