Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility in Love & Life: An Intense Relationship


Early on, when they first get to know each other, two Scorpios might not be on good terms. It’s ironic, since they are bound to have a lot in common. But it’s exactly for this reason why they might be uneasy around each other. Their physical attraction will be strong, but they might feel intimidated when dealing with someone so familiar.

Criteria Scorpio Scorpio Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Average ❤❤❤
Communication Strong ❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Below average ❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

Scorpio is intense and highly emotional, so a relationship between two Scorpios will sometimes become too much, even for them.

When they feel overwhelmed with emotion, they should feel free to take a break from their relationship. They don’t have to break up, but they need some time for themselves.

When These Two Fall in Love

Two Scorpios are a perfect match mentally and emotionally. Scorpios think and feel deeply, so together, they will have amazing and mentally stimulating conversations. They should leave the emotional trauma out of it though, at least for the time being.

They are realistic, maybe to the point of being grim; they will often go straight for the darkest topics of discussion, especially with someone who understands them well. But there’s a good thing to come out of this, and that is closure and feeling less alone in this big, scary world.

Problems in the compatibility between Scorpio and Scorpio will arise when the two are competing for a common prize—it could be a job position, social status, or anything else. When a Scorpio is threatened, they will become ill-spirited and harsh with those around them.

And when a Scorpio gets mad, they will hold a grudge for a long time, and they will do anything in their power to see the other person in pain and distress. In other words, they can easily go from lovers to enemies.

They need to take it easy and think objectively. Their partner doesn’t represent a threat. They can both uplift each other, and if they unite their forces, they can succeed as a couple. It’s about “we” and “us”, and not about “I” and “you” anymore. Keeping separate hobbies, interests, and goals, an also help keep the tension under control.

Scorpio is rough and critical with themselves as well as others. They silence their own emotions and will judge their partner for any perceived moment of weakness. But they can’t deny their feelings forever, and in actuality, both partners are deeply emotional and they have a common need for affection and gentleness.

Disregarding their own feelings, as well as their partner’s will only lead to further conflict. Instead, they should open up and accept their own vulnerability in front of their partner.

They will have so much to win from this freeing experience, just letting go and being themselves, without any fear. In this relationship, acceptance and emotional availability goes a long way.

Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship Key Facts

Their relationship will be all about undivided devotion and loyalty. Scorpio is highly protective and even possessive of their partner. And since they can relate to each other so easily, they will not feel pressured to put on a front.

With time, they can learn how to be themselves and share every thought and emotion with their partner.

Scorpio is good at reading people and sensing the mood. Add to that that two Scorpios are so much alike, and you get a couple that’s almost perfectly in sink. They don’t even have to speak their mind most of the times, because they already know what their partner is thinking.

Their sexual life will be exciting and intense from the get-go. To put it simply, no other sign can sense and satisfy Scorpio’s fantasies and needs better than another Scorpio. After their initial hang-ups, they will get close super quickly, and they might move in together after just a few weeks of dating. Life together will be fun and hot.

There’s a tricky situation that will arise. Scorpio is attached and possessive of their partner, but at the same time they won’t accept someone else trying to control them or limit their freedom. There will be a power struggle going on, and this will give rise to some trust issues.

With time, when in a couple, a Scorpio and another Scorpio will remember that they both value truth and loyalty above all else, so their paranoia will dwindle gradually until mutual trust and respect are established.

Scorpios might delude themselves, thinking they are logical and emotionally mature. In fact, because Scorpio is a water element, they are more likely to be neurotic and highly emotive.

Two Scorpios will share the same values, but they won’t always be entirely sure why they believe the things they do. Their choices will be made from an emotional standpoint, even if they want to believe otherwise.

They will sense this emotivity they are ashamed of in their partner, and they will feel tempted to criticize it, but they might actually be projecting.

Marriage Compatibility Between Two Scorpios

Intense and romantic, Scorpios want long-term relationships and domestic bliss. They idealize the idea of marriage as a way to ensure undying loyalty and when they’ve finally found that special person, they will move on quickly. Marriage is a high priority for both partners.

After they got to know each other better, they will know their partner’s strong and weak points. These two strong personalities will be able to work as a team, treating each other with respect and gracefulness. Once they seal the deal, they will be the most attentive and devoted partners one could dream of.

There might be moments of incertitude, just because Scorpios are sensitive and anxious about their relationship security. But things will always turn out fine, because no partner would dare break their lover’s trust, and there wouldn’t be any reason or desire to.

A Scorpio and Scorpio relationship will never grow cold, so they will never get bored about each other. Passion will be present even after decades spent together.

Drawbacks of This Match

Their relationship will progress quickly, and they might one day wake up living together without having planned that in advance.

Scorpios are extremely devoted lovers, but they’re also highly responsible parents. They might have trouble establishing a good balance between their partner and their children, when they decide to start a family.

For a Scorpio, a life without sex is not a life worth living, so when the partners get too busy with work and personal projects, the passion might greatly die down if they don’t make some time for each other.

Since we’re talking about a two Scorpios relationship, that means double the good, and double the bad. Think twice the emotivity and neuroticism, and you see you have a little timebomb.

In the Scorpio and Scorpio match, the partners are supportive, but also controlling. There’s a constant power struggle going on, especially when the two partners push for different things.

If neither of them is willing to back down, the outcome will be ugly, to say the least. Their relationship is at its best when both Scorpios agree on a general direction, rather than going against one another.

It’s worth remembering that Scorpio is highly competitive, vengeful, and very mean when angered. Their instinct to attack and tear down people who threaten them is hard to keep in check, even when it comes to their partner.

To add insult to injury, Scorpio detests any sign of weakness, and are thus very unlikely to apologize or ask for help, even if they know they need to.

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