Libra and Libra Compatibility in Love & Life: A Passionate Relationship


Libras will generally go into a relationship and make it work. So, in a Libra-Libra couple, the chances of these two lasting are very high.

Criteria Libra Libra Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Strong ❤❤❤❤
Communication Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Below average ❤❤

Libra natives have a common tendency to make friends with other Libra natives. Most of their family and friends are Libra too. And if asked, they will give a hundred reasons why Libra is the best zodiac sign.

Libra takes an active role in teaching others about the value of relationships. At first meet, Libra natives might find it hard to form a bond, because most of their time is planned for others, and their lives.

However, if they can reach a middle ground, find their similar interests, they are destined to form a lasting relationship, as dictated by the Libra and Libra compatibility.

The hardest thing to master for Libra natives is to stop judging people, and building mutual trust, and most importantly keeping moderate expectations from their partners.

All Libra natives face these issues, and when we are talking about a Libra-Libra relationship, the issues are going to get bigger. However, if they stay true to themselves, they can share the knowledge of loving and caring for others.

When These Two Fall in Love

It is not very rare for similar zodiac natives to get into a relationship. So, it is not very uncommon to see a Libra-Libra relationship. However, Libra natives are better off with someone who has more stability in their lives.

But if they find a Libra partner, they will also love their bond. They will engage in activities such as appreciating arts.

They will also indulge in sharing their secrets. If they get into a relationship, they must think about the long-term. They will last longer if they both have the skills of decision making. No matter how intricate the plan is, they must follow through.

Libra has the most influence on Venus. This is why a Libra-Libra will be filled with romantic encounters and physical intimacy. However, they also have influence from the Saturn, which can often make them cold, and distant.

They do belong to the air element, but it will only be at work when they have a fight or are far away from each other. When in a relationship, they might lack the confidence.

Libra natives are very protective of their principles, and ideals. They rarely digress from them and this has the highest chance of causing a conflict between them. They might often refuse to make it work, refusing to take the high road, and denying their true emotions.

When in a couple, a Libra and another Libra might let the feeling of being superior carry them away. To make it work, they genuinely need to dive deep into intimate moments, sexual encounters, and expressing their emotions.

If they fail to toggle on this mode, they will find it hard to make it work for the long-term.

Libra and Libra Relationship Key Facts

On one side, Libra has a weird tendency to be loved by everyone around them. In the face of a conflict, they will avoid addressing it, just to keep the peace.

But people shouldn’t interpret their behavior as a sign of distant, indifference. They do care about people in their lives, but they equally hate engaging in fights.

Libra is aware of this trait in other Libra natives and will avoid pushing each other buttons. And deep down, Libra adores the idea of being with someone, with whom they can share their deepest feelings.

Finding someone who shares similar interests as they do, and have gone through the same experiences, brings them immense happiness.

Venus, the planet of love, has the most influence on Libra natives. Libra natives can engage in a sensual, romantic, and pleasant relationship with another Libra native. If they click, they will not let go.

They might often indulge in eating rich food and laying around. They will also be responsible for spoiling the other. But it is not a good thing for their bond. They might be found lying around eating grapes, just how Greek Goddesses used to do.

Thanks to the Air sign, Libra natives value intelligence above all. They will often indulge in watching a movie together, attending art exhibitions, and so on.

Convincing, diplomatic, and, gracious, Libra natives look at the world with their own eyes. Thanks to their diplomatic traits, they can resolve any conflict with peace, and decency.

Thanks to the Cardinal sign, Libra natives are the first ones to take initiatives. They will engage in new projects, encourage others to follow their dreams. A Libra-Libra duo can set their minds on a similar project and get it done.

The best area in a Libra duo is their share sense of respect, diplomacy, and kindness. If they can form a deep understanding of each other, their bond will last a lifetime. Their devotion to one another will be unbreakable.

Libra might appear as the type that likes to flex. At a point in life, they might try to form an image of themselves. But the problem will arise when they narrow down their daily routine to only a few things and a handful of people.

If they are adamant about sticking to their fixed routine, they will not have that connection. However, if they could find a way to do things together, have mutual friends, and make time for each other, maintain the relationship will not be an issue.

Marriage Compatibility Between Two Libras

What happens when two Air sings are placed side by side? They will both be overwhelmed with the rich, and never-ending conversation. This is a big challenge for two air signs. Libra values novelty above anything else.

They will feel motivated to go check out the new restaurant around the block, learn about the new feature in the next announced iPhone, or attend a musical event.

Also, Libra duos might find themselves starting a business, selling hamburgers at public events, or opening their fancy restaurant.

To make a long-lasting bond, Libra duo must lock themselves in, and discuss their relative roles in the relationship. It is important to know what the expectations of the other person are, and how much they both ac contribute to the relationship.

They might often suffer from indecisiveness, given they are fully aware of the expectations of their partner, but they don’t want to disappoint them.

They might stop showing emotions often, this will take them to a bland phase in their relationship. Libra has the trait of holding back to their emotions.

But this might lead to serious conflicts, especially if they are uncomfortable to open up to their partners in terms of intimacy.

Libra has a deep urge for getting married. So, if they get into a relationship, their ultimate goal would be to get married. But they shouldn’t rush things.

Drawbacks of This Match

The biggest downside of a Libra and Libra match is them failing to trust each other. If they have mutual trust, the ride will be smooth. But if the trust is damaged, it will quickly lead to a serious squabble.

Moreover, they should not think much before making a decision. It is in their nature to be indecisive, but they should make sure this doesn’t make them miss out on promising scenarios. They should also make sure that they aren’t being carried away by the urge to do right to everyone.

The Libra duo must keep a reality check on things. Moreover, if they aren’t planning their bills, finances could incur hue debts.

No matter if they decide to dress up as clowns or wear the same polka-dotted t-shirt on their third date, they need to make sure they are working collaboratively with their finances.

But this doesn’t mean they should stop spending money on recreation. They can always keep a certain portion of their monthly incomes as savings, and a certain portion for their next trip. If they are practical and approach their relationship with pragmatism, a Libra duo has a promising future together.

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