Aries and Aries Compatibility in Love & Life: A Volatile Relationship


Combining an Aries with an Aries is sure to give you a very intense relationship full of energy and passion. Arieses like to get physical, as that’s a way for them to use up their energy, but also to show their love and interest.

Criteria Aries Aries Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Below average ❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Doubtful
Common values Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

Not only does getting physical refer to their sex drive, but also everyday activities they love to do together with their partner, such as dancing around, play-fighting one another, and participating in sports and physical activities.

However, since an Aries is a born leader, hot-headed, and likes to move on from one thing to another quickly, arguments can arise very easily. Both partners will want to be the one to lead the action and to have the last say in a debate. Everything can be fine and dandy, until all hell breaks loose, since neither of the partners wants to back down.

When These Two Fall in Love

Given their matching personalities, it’s a given that two Aries would be attracted to one-another. They will feel like they’ve found their spirit animal, so to say.

Their feelings will be intense right off the bat, with physical attraction playing a major role in the beginning. They’re bound to experience a lot of passion and an intense love life for the time being.

Once the honeymoon phase dies down, they will need to work on getting along and solving their conflicts, maybe toning down their fiery personalities a little. That’s if they want to keep the relationship alive for the long run.

Having two such volatile personalities in the same house will not be easy, no matter what the Aries and Aries compatibility might say, if both partners won’t work on themselves.

While both partners will appreciate one another’s hot-blooded personalities, strong character, and ambition, when the two clash together, the result can be either a productive experience or a total disaster.

On the positive side, Aries is perhaps the most loyal sign and they pick the people around them very carefully. Having a partner who understands and shares this mindset and these values can make an Aries feel at ease in their love life.

Aries also love and crave affection and love. When two Aries first fall for one another, it will feel like a dream come true.

Both will seem to understand one another so well. They will love to seek extreme experiences and to chase the thrill together, doing crazy things or going on spontaneous adventures.

Aries are generally active and manic, but even more so when in love. They will put sleep aside for more exciting experiences together with their partner.

Sleepless nights will be a normal occurrence for the two. Aries also tends to forget about their friends and anyone else when they’re dedicating so much of their time to their partner.

Aries is competitive and loves to lead other people, so a relationship between two Aries can feel a bit like a battlefield between their egos sometimes.

There will certainly be many clashes on every level (intellectual, emotional, even physical), while the two learn more about one another and test each other’s limits.

Aries are usually compulsive and like to throw themselves head-first into whatever new shiny thing they see. This is why an Aries-Aries relationship can start very quickly. Both lovers will be intensely in love. Their burning passion and enthusiasm generally lead to short and quick relationships.

Because they don’t think things critically before entering a relationship, they are not always sure what they’re looking for, and therefore are prone to end things fast.

Aries and Aries Relationship Key Facts

An Aries is always a ball of fiery energy no matter the relationship they’re in. Now add another Aries to the mix, and things can get even crazier.

While Aries are prone to arguing and lashing out on others, the two lovers will make up very easily. They’re just too active and excited about life to stay mad at one another.

While Aries like to treat their partner like a best friend most of the time, it’s a good idea to try and tone down your personality a little bit, in order to make room for your lover’s too. Don’t be afraid to be gentler and more vulnerable with your lover.

You need to control your explosive personality and to remember that despite your independent nature, you can and should always communicate with one another about anything and everything. There’s no place for ‘I’ or for secrets when the two of you are together.

In order to please both sides, two Aries partners can overcome their competitive tendencies by finding their own passions and hobbies to devote themselves to individually.

Some me-time is also good sometimes. Is both Aries partners are into the same activities, then quarrels are inevitable, since their competitive spirit is just in their nature.

When in a couple, an Aries and another Aries need to feel confident in their own skills, in their abilities in certain fields. They both need to feel equally praised and admired.

At certain times, Aries’ blunt honesty and matter-of-fact approach to things and other people can become hurtful. While honesty is valuable and needed in a relationship, criticism that drifts from constructive to negative becomes toxic for the emotional bond between partners.

Given their hot temper, Aries will, in times of anger, throw around insults and remarks that will hurt deeply, and these scars will be hard to heal afterwards.

In a relationship, both Aries will want to push each other to improve and become better from all points of view. They will learn from one another very easily, as long as they don’t try to boss one another around.

Despite their independent nature, an Aries lover is interested in their partner’s feelings and desires. They will support and feel pride in their partner’s endeavors and victories.

To an outsider, such a relationship can seem weird, maybe even crazy. The two Aries lovers can either create an amazing productive couple or a total train-wreck of a relationship.

Aries find it especially easy to overcome bad comments and results of their actions, since they can always justify themselves no matter what happens, and they don’t usually care about what others think.

In a relationship, Aries partners are very tolerant with one another and accept their flaws, especially if they happen to be shared flaws. Since Aries is a fire sign, sparks are bound to arise at some point, and it’s not the positive ones we’re talking about.

Marriage Compatibility Between Two Aries

In order to solve any upcoming relationship issues, they will both need to work on their ego. Because Aries enjoy their liberty, marriage can seem like a scary idea. If both Aries want their marriage to last, none of them should feel constrained. They need to give each other the freedom they need.

Compromise should be one of the main plans of action for when conflicts arise. Also, both should learn to stop throwing blame at each other when something goes wrong.

They need to be able to work together through difficult situations, not to selfishly retreat and let the other carry the burden.

With two Aries together, there will not be any ground for dissatisfaction in the bedroom. Because they share the same drive and energy, nobody will burn out before the other.

However, none of the partners is going to submit, so there needs to be a common-ground to please both of them.

Drawbacks of This Match

Aries are generally aggressive, self-centered, and don’t like compromise. They are hot-headed and don’t find virtue in forgiveness, if you get on their wrong side.

They are turbulent personalities, and they love to consume their energy in whatever way they can. Conflict and drama are not at all foreign to them, and they can keep an argument going for hours.

They are independent, impulsive, and thrill seekers. This can lead to them developing trust issues and to their being extremely jealous.

Ironically, these issues might also make them more likely to end relationships quickly and to chase the next person.

The Aries-Aries match could be a cluster of jealousy and suspicion, arguments and fall-outs. If they don’t allow one another the freedom they need while also developing trust and loyalty, things will end pretty abruptly.

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