Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility in Love & Life: An Intellectual Relationship


Sure, two Aquarius people will have the same energy and very similar personalities. They’re both going to be unconventional, but if they have different paths in life and different worldviews, they might not be able to get along so easily, despite their common traits.

Criteria Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Strong ❤❤❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

The two should give each other the space they need to do their thing, otherwise they might feel claustrophobic in their relationship. When it comes to emotions and affection, they might not be the best.

Plus, the fact that they are both extremely independent and freedom-seeking might make them run away from long-term commitment.

Two Aquarius lovers together are more like friends than lovers, or they just do things because they believe they should, but there’s not much of a spark there.

When These Two Fall in Love

They fall in love with each other’s minds and ideas. They love a good conversation partner and someone who can always keep things interesting. They keep in touch and play it cool for a while before they actually start dating.

They might be in an on and off relationship for a while. With them, feelings only start later on, as they get closer together.

They might start off as friends. They will certainly meet through their social circle, since sociable Aquarius loves going out and seeing new people. They are okay with each other’s openness and sociable nature, without getting jealous or paranoid.

They will appreciate each other for the way they can stimulate their imagination and intellect. They’re visionaries, but most importantly, they want to see their vision come true. Together, they will work hard on achieving the most daring ideas nobody thought possible before!

Regardless of gender, Aquarius is a sign with masculine energy. This means that Aquarius natives will be driven, assertive, and proactive. They want action and results, and this applies to everything they do.

Their confidence and strength of character will keep them emotionally and mentally resilient through harsh times. Whatever might stand in their way will be easy to overcome when they’re so supportive of- and confident about each other.

This strong personality could also be problematic sometimes for the Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility. When two big egos come together, there will be some opposition and competition sometimes. Both partners should be understanding and allow each other the change to have their say.

They can both make good leaders and they each have great ideas, so they both need their time to shine.

If they don’t split the leading role evenly, they might get into constant clashes. When one of them is unhappy, the relationship will obviously not be successful in the long run.

Two Aquarius Relationship Key Facts

They’re both imaginative, open-minded, and highly intelligent. They get along just fine from so many points of view, and they see each other as the perfect conversation and work partner. However, they can end up being more like spirit animals than soul mates, more like best friends, rather than significant others.

This is because they don’t usually get emotionally invested, nor are they in touch with their own feelings. They’re very detached, so they might do better with a more affectionate partner who can awaken their warmer and more passionate side. An Aquarius and Aquarius couple might allow each other so much freedom, that they end up spending more time away than together.

When in a relationship, an Aquarius and an Aquarius are sociable, open-minded, and eager to experiment and learn new things. They might be interested in science, IT, or social sciences, but not area of study is off-limits for an Aquarius.

They’re independent, great thinkers, rational, and highly intelligent. What they are missing is the passion and emotional warmth.

They might start out as a couple, but their aloofness and detachment will not help to keep things running for long. In the end, they might decide to stay friends.

But if they don’t mind their relationship dynamic, they can also be together long term. They have an advantage when it comes to communication. Two Aquarius partners will always be able to sense each other’s moods and desires.

And when it comes to discussions, no topic is too controversial or weird for them. They can discuss everything openly and confidently, so they know exactly where they stand and what they believe. It’s quite interesting, actually.

When two Aquarius people talk, it’s like they’ve known each other for ages. Everything flows nicely from one topic to the next, from the mundane to the most bizarre of topics.

They can have discussions about topics that not many people can follow or understand. To them, a good conversation is like an aphrodisiac. And they can go for hours on end! Once they start and they get into it, they will never get bored or tired.

However, when they both go on an ego-trip, their strong personalities might clash, resulting in unpleasant arguments. They should keep calm, respectful, and allow each other to speak their mind, without getting smug about who’s right or not.

Marriage Compatibility Between Two Aquarius

They’re naturally curious about everything they find interesting, including each other. They will want to spend time together to explore each other, to get a glimpse into each other’s mind. When they start talking passionately about their worldviews or ideas, they will spend hours on end in these conversations.

They’re big visionaries, maybe even idealistic. They strive to bring something useful to the world, and they want to help others find solutions for their problems. They’d make a good team as researchers or inventors.

To the outside world, they are unconventional, strange, but highly intelligent and creative. In their relationship, they will work together towards achieving their lofty ideas.

While others might not see them making a good couple, two Aquarius together can build something beautiful and long-lasting. In any case, the union between two Aquarius people will at least result in something exciting, like new discoveries or inventions to better the world.

When they have something in mind, they will keep working on it until they are done. Their power of focus is unimaginable, and they don’t like letting anything unfinished. They aren’t quitters, no matter what they do—a work project, their favorite past-time, or making out with their partner.

They are fully dedicated to whatever they are doing at the moment. Their relationship might start off casually, until they decide to get more serious about it. Even long after getting together, they might still feel more like best friends than as lovers.

Drawbacks of This Match

Aquarius are not in touch with their feelings. Communication comes easily, up until feelings are involved. They don’t know how to deal with their own emotions, or others’. When one of them feels down or angry, their partner’s response will not be the most helpful.

They are highly independent and respect each other’s freedom and space. However, when there’s a need for emotional closeness and comfort, they might not be able to look after one another’s needs.

Their natural reaction would be to shift their attention to something else, until their partner figures out their problems.

For an angry or sad partner, this lack of attention and affection will be disappointing and even disrespectful. For this reason, they might push back and then arguments will arise. It would be best if the two Aquarius partners would learn some things about psychology, in order to be more sensible in such situations.

They need to know how to react to and how to look after each other’s emotional needs for the Aquarius and Aquarius match to work out. If they can improve in this area, many arguments and disputes will be solved before they have the chance to start. Not to mention this will bring them closer together.

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