Taurus and Taurus Compatibility in Love & Life: A Supportive Relationship


You can bet that nobody will understand Taurus better than, well, Taurus. Having two of them together guarantees that there will be a lot of lounging and indulging in good food and material excess in this couple.

Criteria Taurus Taurus Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Average ❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Average ❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤

As an earth sign, Taurus craves security and having their primary needs satisfied. And since they share the same traditional values, both Taurus partners will also be right on the same page when it comes to their future life together.

Touchy and sensual, the two Taurus partners will not be able to keep their hands off each other if the mood is right. Taurus is very possessive and protective of their partner, but this might come as a good thing, since in this relationship both partners will have their craving for stability and loyalty fulfilled.

They are looking for stable, long-term relationships, especially with the final thought of marriage and starting a family. On first dates, the two Taurus lovers will take their time to analyze each other and to read between the lines.

They want to first make sure that there is compatibility between them, before they take things to the next level. Taurus are not known to rush things, and relationships don’t get an easy pass either.

When These Two Fall in Love

The Taurus and Taurus compatibility could produce a really good match for obvious reasons. These two make a sweet and down to earth couple. They will bond over their shared sense of traditionalism and they will enjoy to discuss and make plans together.

Taurus doesn’t like letting things happen by chance, so they will feel safe and secure when everything is pre-planned and prepared in advance.

When courting their lover, the charismatic and grounded earth sign Taurus likes to shower their love interest with compliments and tasteful gifts. However, they are not the type to get carried away and love-blind.

They still keep a practical, reserved, and detail-oriented mindset. They pass everything through a “will this work out?” or “is this the appropriate choice?” filter.

It takes a lot of patience to move things forward. They might have been dating for months already before deciding to take things to the next level.

You know family-oriented Taurus is serious about you when they introduce you to their family. The two of them will enjoy having joint family reunions and dinners together.

Once they made up their mind and accepted their romantic attraction, they are ready to move in together and embrace the couple life. To outsiders, they might already look like a married couple.

They will spend their time admiring and collecting beautiful art pieces and designing their dream interior.

When in a relationship, a Taurus and another Taurus will plan out their life together for the next 20 years and they will get right to it. They are action-oriented and don’t put much emphasis on big words and lofty ideas. They would rather get real things done.

When disagreements arise, the two will keep calm and collected. Instead of making a scene, they prefer to give each other the silent treatment until someone cracks and decides to pick things up where they remained.

Taurus and Taurus Relationship Key Facts

Nobody can offer Taurus the stability and safety they desire better than Taurus themselves. These two have a calm and peaceful relationship where both partners feel cozy and loved.

They desire and return their partner’s loyalty, and they are both very protective of one another.

Since we’re talking about two earth signs, two Taurus people, there will sometimes be problems when unexpected events occur. The two are likely to freak out when things don’t go as planned, and they don’t do well with improvisation.

A Taurus’ tragical flaw is their huge ego. When two Taurus get together, they can start thinking that they have everything together and that they can never do any wrong. Without a reality check, these two can become pretty deluded.

They should definitely try to humble themselves down a little, for their own benefit. In other words, they should open their eyes before reality hits them in the face.

On a plus side, it could also work the other way around. Two Taurus together could learn to look at themselves from an outsider’s perspective. They can become more self-aware by analyzing their partner’s actions and flaws.

When two identical signs come together, bonding is very easy, but without a contrasting personality in the mix, the two of them can get stuck in their own ways and bad habits. The two Taurus partners should be ready to compromise and to take care of the things they aren’t as keen about.

Without someone to challenge Taurus mentally, they tend to become too self-assured and they might forget to double-check things.

Instead of making sure they are in the right, they will just assume they know everything already. This can greatly hinder their chances for growth and self-improvement.

Two Taurus partners together can mean double the passion, but also a heightened sense of competition. They should remember that they cherish each other more than just being right no matter what. Compromise and mutual respect will always trump any argument between them.

By working together, not against each other, they can overcome any challenge. If both Taurus partners learn to not let their pride get in the way, together, they can achieve amazing things.

Marriage Compatibility Between Two Taurus

With both of them wanting to settle down and start a family, it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they will eventually get married. And their wedding will obviously be classic, exquisite, and expensive, because when they do something, they do it to impress.

Taurus people always keep it real. They want nothing other than complete honesty, and 100% of your affection and loyalty. In their home and family life, they want financial security, and one of their goals is to build wealth.

Children are a must, so the two won’t wait long after marriage if possible. As parents, two Taurus make a great pair for raising kids.

They’re involved, they know how to establish clear rules and how to teach their kids good manners, they’re always supportive, willing to invest a lot of time and love in their children, but are not overly-protective either.

Drawbacks of This Match

Two Taurus people together might mean an all work-no play couple in the long term. When their desire to accumulate wealth gets out of hand, they might forget the joys of couple life, and things can get cold between them.

Their fear of change and trying new things, combined with their stubborn personalities, could also lead to stagnation and boredom in the couple’s daily life.

Taurus’ overanalyzing and perfectionism could actually hinder their progress. When procrastination becomes habit, the two might start blaming each other for the state of things. They will need some outside help to get out of this negative cycle and back on track.

Another big risk for them is their tendency to settle down and stick to their daily routine and long-winded plans.

In the end, they might find that if they don’t remember to step out of their comfort zone and try something new and exciting every once in a while, as time goes on, they will lose their love for life and enthusiasm about things they used to love.

A little distraction is good sometimes. Taurus shouldn’t forget to live. Yes, they like stability and safety, but challenging themselves every now and then can only strengthen their bond.

They can make more wonderful memories together, which are always a nice thing to add to their family album.

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