Pisces and Pisces Compatibility in Love & Life: A Serious Relationship


Two big dreamers, aloof and with an almost childlike innocence about them. To an outsider, it’s difficult to understand, but Pisces have a unique sensibility and a way of experiencing the world. Nobody can get a Pisces better than Pisces themselves, so this match will find it easy to get along and build a trusting and loving relationship.

Criteria Pisces Pisces Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Communication Strong ❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Below average ❤❤
Common values Below average ❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Average ❤❤❤

Their imagination and sensibility bring them together and give them something to bond over. They are highly compatible as lovers, as well as in non-romantic relationships, and when it comes to working together on common projects.

They’re good communicators and good listeners. They are thoughtful and open, and they find it fun sharing opinions and different perspectives.

When they get to know each other better, they will try to find a quiet place with the right atmosphere, something intimate and cosy. Then, they’ll be able to let their true self come out, little by little.

A Pisces’ love is sincere and unfiltered, so when they say they love someone, they truly love someone and will do anything to be by their partner’s side. They’re selfless and intense, loving you unconditionally, with all their being.

And two Pisces together will be able to stimulate each other mentally, giving the other exactly what they crave. This way, things will never get boring between the two.

When These Two Fall in Love

Sensitive, passionate, artistic, and with an emotional depth and complexity very few people possess, a Pisces-Pisces couple will blend together and create their safe haven next to one-another. They both feel deeply, are imaginative and big dreamers, and their creativity knows no boundaries.

They will become an inspiration for one another, and they will be able to read and understand each other’s emotional state like nobody else could. Support and generosity will flourish in their relationship.

Still, things aren’t always all roses and rainbows. A sensitive sign like Pisces is usually prone to depressive moods. The compatibility between Pisces and Pisces definitely means you get double the trouble.

When they are both down and blue and cry together about everything wrong in this world, they will just dig themselves deeper into their emotional misery. There should be someone to help them back up when this happens.

Pisces are also too aloof and unpractical. If there’s nobody with a preoccupation for the concrete, serious things in life, the two can easily run into problems. They’re too soft, intuitive, indecisive, and dependent on others. They cannot tackle issues such as finances, future loans, or career development very efficiently.

Gentle and mellow Pisces needs someone to guide them and help them put their ideas and plans in action. Yes, a Pisces-Pisces couple is sweet and peaceful, and they have many positive qualities they share, which brings them closer together.

They’re gentle, imaginative, passionate, and generous. On the less positive side, both are procrastinators, disorganized, and aloof and indecisive when it comes to serious issues.

Two Pisces Relationship Key Facts

Together, they create a little bubble where their dreams are the order of the day. They retreat away from the harsh reality of the world and choose to follow their intuition and hearts.

They create an echo-chamber for each other, where they enable their own bad habits. They should be careful, because if they keep this up for too long, they might no longer be able to function in the real world!

A Pisces-Pisces relationship, if there’s nothing to bring them with their feet back on the ground, can easily go down a bad route. They will give in to their instincts and desires with nothing to stop them. They will grow complacent and avoid the truth that’s too harsh to accept.

Their feelings just add together and magnify each other, which could easily lead to outbursts and maybe even resentment and abuse down the line.

When hurt and keeping onto these negative feelings for too long, all the pent-up sadness and anger can explode and cause further emotional damage to one-another.

If these negative emotions and moods overlap for both partners, then outside intervention is the only thing that can save them from this vicious cycle!

When in a relationship, a Pisces and a Pisces can become co-dependent, possessive, controlling, jealous, and stagnant. They will isolate from the outside world and keep each other under the thumb, since they both fear abandonment.

They need to be able to live independently from one-another too, to solve their trust issues and relationship anxiety.

On a positive side, they have a lot in common, so for the most part, spending time together is pleasurable for both parties. They can be quite introverted and need time to refill their batteries after venturing out in the world for too long.

They understand each other and sense the mood easily, and they know when to leave each other alone with their own thoughts. None of the two partners will notice or find it bad that their partner is often stuck in a contemplative trance.

Pisces and Pisces Marriage Compatibility

First, the two need to establish some sort of routine and they need to find a way to keep tabs on practical issues and responsibilities too, otherwise this ship will sink fast. When it comes to emotional compatibility, things are covered from the start. These two can easily sense and understand the other’s emotions and needs.

Pisces are nurturing and they want to help others heal emotionally, so when they sense something is wrong, they will try to find a way to cheer up the other person.

Their relationship will be build on mutual respect and appreciation, and they know when to give each other the space they need to shift through their thoughts.

They’re generous and maybe even a little self-sacrificing. When it comes to competition, there’s no competition, no matter if we’re talking about romance as well as platonic relationships or family. They don’t like this mentality and they want to lift others up, not leave them behind.

The Pisces-Pisces couple are very likely to make it last and to be loyal and loving of each other for a very long time. Marriage is highly probable for them. However, to avoid routine and stagnation, they should try to build up some sense of realism and to get out of their comfort zone every once in a while.

They have to get things done too, and this includes dealing with things they dislike too—finances, mortgages, future plans, and so on.

Drawbacks of This Match

A Pisces’ tendency to zone out and dream with their eyes open could mean a lot of inactivity in their daily life. Together, they could give in too much to their fantasies, and they might lose touch with the real world.

They could easily become passive and complacent, letting their relationship drift whichever direction, without a clear trajectory.

Their need for escapism could lead to addiction and self-destructive behavior, but if there’s nobody with their feet on the ground who can notice and point these things out, they will just go along their merry way.

Living in denial is the big danger here, for themselves as individuals, as well as for their relationship for the long term.

They need to break these negative habits in order to make sure they’ll be mentally and physically healthy, and that their relationship will flourish instead of becoming stale and toxic.

When challenged or confronted, Pisces will try to run away from the situation, as they dislike conflict of any kind. As a result, they’re not likely to take constructive criticism very well.

A problem in the Pisces and Pisces match is the fact that they lack a sense of direction and stability. They are both rather submissive and need someone to take charge and to keep the ship sailing, so to say.

They need to shake each other and wake up to reality. They need to motivate one another to work on establishing and following some rules too, for their own good. This way, dealing with practical issues will come easier, and they will make sure their relationship is moving forward, they are fulfilling their goals, and they have something to strive for, something bringing meaning to their life.

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