May 21st Zodiac: What’s Special About You Gemini?


Geminis born under the May 21st zodiac have high spirits, are smart and determined to succeed. All the time energetic, they have a magnetism that attracts everyone.

  • Symbol: The Twins
  • Element: Air
  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Representative color: Yellow
  • Characteristic flower: Lavender
  • Lucky day: Wednesday
  • Modality: Mutable
  • Lucky metal: Silver
  • Birthstone: Agate
  • Motto: I think!
  • Celebrities: George P. Mitchell, Henri Rousseau, Josh Hamilton, Notorius BIG, Olivia Olson, Briana Banks, Plato and Raymond Burr.

Characteristics and horoscope personality

The fact that they’ve been brought into the world on the cusp brings the May 21st zodiac natives many advantages because they’re sensual like Tauruses and big intellectuals, like Geminis.

One of their most appreciated traits is their ability to easily deal with others, coupled with their dramatic talent. Knowing many things, they appreciate any new idea and have amazing skills when it comes to expressing their ideas in the most entertaining manner.

These natives can become friends with all kind of people but they’re individualistic, as well independent. Focusing on the materialistic side of life, they give a lot of importance to security and have a lot of compassion for other people.

They give a lot of importance to love when moving in life, so it’s important for them to most of the time express what’s in their heart. This means they can be great writers, actors and musicians.

Remember that your lucky numbers are: 3, 17, 23 and 39.

At the same time, they like having fun like children, which is helpful for them to make others no longer feel burdened. The Sun on the cusp of both decanates indicates they love taking care of their responsibilities and are devoted to their work.

As well, they’re good with communication and don’t mind working hard. Talented with business, they’re also practical and the best when it comes to domestic matter meant to make them feel secure.

Enterprising, they can put their determination to action and make sure their plans are going to succeed. However, they need to no longer rebel and be stubborn because this can undermine their communication ways.

When caring about others, they want to give a lot of themselves and should just accept others can’t all the time reciprocate with the same behavior. Being caring and able to solve any problem, natives born on May 21st can help others and their family deal with many issues.

When it comes to themselves, they may worry too much about their finances, most of the time without having to because what they give to others is usually what they get back, sometimes twice.

Intelligent, imaginative and always ready to express themselves, these people can convince others of anything, not to mention they have good organizational skills.

They also want to be surrounded by luxury and to indulge in pleasure, this suggesting they can enjoy life to the fullest, but can exaggerate and become unhappy this way. Only by being disciplined, they can achieve what they want in life.

Positive traits of May 21st zodiac

When it comes to the qualities people born on May 21st have, these can come from both the Gemini and Taurus signs. The Gemini makes them relaxed and wanting to enjoy every new day like an adventure.

A good affirmation for you to use is: I take responsibility for my successes and my failures.

People can become infected with their positive attitude and curiosity about new opportunities. These natives love to communicate and can understand how to approach each and every problem, not to mention they’re positive in their thinking and can understand that no one but themselves is their true enemy.

From the Taurus, they get their reliability. They can keep any promise and make things happen in no time. Also, they’re punctual just like Tauruses because Geminis surely can’t be like this.

Negative traits of May 21st zodiac

While it seems that a May 21st individual has the most positive traits of the Taurus and Gemini, these can also be extreme. Taurus is influencing them to respect all the rules, whereas Gemini makes them more creative and give them enthusiasm.

However, they can focus too much on one of these and get into trouble. As parents, they can be stuck with some patterns to follow and become unable to be constructive.

At the same time, they can become too detached and insincere, especially when trying to feel secure and not allowing themselves to get out of their comfort zone. Their balance is essential because without it, they can’t get anywhere in life.

Love Horoscope for the May 21st Gemini

When it comes to romance, natives born under the May 21st zodiac are loyal like all Tauruses, but also very spontaneous, enthusiastic and funny. Every day seems to be happier for them because they’re welcoming it with joy.

These natives want to experience all kind of new things and want to make their partner feel the same. However, they can sometimes exaggerate with that they’re doing, which can make their other half feel somehow bad.

You are most compatible with those born on the 6th, 9th, 15th, 18th, 24th and 27th.

At the same time, they’re stable when it comes to relationships, just like all Tauruses. They don’t lack spontaneity and are optimistic, in the same time ready to perceive new things and very hardworking.

It’s normal for them to feel trapped between their need for independence and devotion. Their enthusiastic ways and friendliness indicate they can make many new friends and easily become popular.

Many of their relationships can touch their inner chord and make them more perceptive. They can have too high expectations of others and as well be realistic, but they need to learn that their faith is going to pay off at some point. It’s important they’re careful when choosing their friends and their lovers as well.

Career and life purpose

The person born on May 21st always has good ideas and comes up with new plans. Natives with this birthday are most likely inclined to become socialists because this is the direction they want to follow in life.

What stands in the way of their success is the fact that they can’t focus. Therefore, it’s important they learn how to concentrate and are determined enough to see their projects finished.

Being supported at work, they can achieve what they want without making too big of an effort. However, they can take too much time before realizing their potential when it comes to business.

Many of them are doctors because they can deal with urgent situations by being calm. Others work as mediators or the people who crate connections between others. All of the people whose birthday is on May 21st have great social skills and can work in teams.

Therefore, they can excel at jobs in the human resources or as profilers, conflict solvers and in public relations. It looks like they’re really talented when it comes to expressing themselves and making public appearances.

Some of them are really good detectives because they want to find out the truth. Of course, their birth chart influences a lot what they will do in life, so their profession depends a lot on the aspects present at their birth.

It’s a good idea for the May 21st zodiac natives to become businesspeople because they’re very good at closing deals and are suited for any position of management.

Obviously, their professional future depends a lot on what is happening in their surroundings and what ideas they’re following. It would be a good idea for them to team up with a personality that can help them to focus because they need their path in life to be a successful one.

May 21st zodiac final thoughts

The day of May 21st is a fine one, but it also challenges Geminis and their personality because it makes them face their own oppositions and every signal they have received from those who were by their side when they were growing up.

These natives can incorporate what’s best from both signs, which are Gemini and Taurus. They know their way with money and can hold on to a job, not to mention they can have a lot of fun with what they are doing for a living, but only as long as they’re optimistic and ready for adventure.

At your best: Broad-minded, versatile and energetic.
At your worst: Nervous, perverse and naughty.

These people want to seem happy and to avoid formalities in their workplace. If it’s for them to easily deal with what’s happening in their life, they need to be grounded and to work through their First Chakra.

It seems like their main purpose is to be in contact with their instincts and to find their animal within. This is the only way in which they can learn from their battles and ultimately the war.

The more they can acknowledge their darkness, they better they become at mediating and doing their job.

When sunk into their unconsciousness, they can see why others are so angry with themselves and realize what energies to take in order for them to deal with any situation.

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