Gemini Health and Wellness: Energetic in Mind and Body


Looking at the Gemini health horoscope, the Air element has a lot to say. Geminis are very connected with everything in Nature. They need a change of scenery too because they’re very eager to deal with the new. Variety feeds their soul.

Gemini Health and Wellness in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: They rarely gain much weight thanks to a fast metabolism.
  • Tendencies: As Geminis are usually all over the place, balance is key for them.
  • Negatives: They can be prone to issues with their nervous system because of their difficulty with relaxation.
  • Advice: Fresh air is vital for them to overcome health problems.

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They’re very straightforward, which means they’re always expressing their thoughts. It’s unlikely for them to hesitate to talk. Besides, when wanting something, they immediately go after it.

Great communicators, they like to go to parties and meet new people. Their sense of humor is highly developed, so they’re fun and make for great company.

Gemini Health: Positives

Geminis are usually healthy, according to their health horoscope, mostly because they’re very busy and their body just doesn’t have the time to suffer from anything. These people are always on the go and doing all kind of things.

Besides, they have a very positive attitude. Problems with their health may appear if they allow themselves to get bored for too long. When it comes to their physique, they’re fit and skinny because their metabolism is very fast, and they don’t have the tendency to become overweight.

Some of their problems is that they have shivers down their spine. When feeling a little bit sick, they first try every home remedy they know it could help. The best way for them to become better is to continue being active and socializing because these activities lift their mood and keep them positive.

More than anything, Geminis need to use their mind, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t also move their body. However, typical exercise routines don’t work for them because they also need to think a lot while moving. This is why they should take dancing lessons or join martial arts classes.

If they want to remain healthy no matter what, they need to pay attention to their own feelings and to follow them. At the same time, they need to visit the doctor for regular check-ups, to eat healthy and to remain physically active.

Bathing in the sun can also help them greatly. For this reason, they should take their vacations in places with a warm temperature. It’s important that they avoid stress as much as possible, also that they spend a lot of time with others.

According to their health traits, what they love the most is being active. When traveling, they should go to sunny places where they have a lot of space. Getting some fresh air from mountains top would also clear both their body and their mind, so they shouldn’t hesitate to do it.

Gemini Health Tendencies

The Twins is the first Air sign in the Zodiac and the third one on the Zodiac wheel. The verb best describing Gemini natives is to think. These people are great communicators and have many ideas, not to mention they love to gossip and to occupy their mind with intellectual matters.

Their soul force develops their mind and helps them understand the entire Universe. Their Karma is all about communicating, accumulating more information and expressing ideas. Geminis need to be around people and to talk a lot.

The more mature of them are serious learners, researchers and writers, whereas the childish Gemini natives love to gossip and are nervous all the time.

Since Gemini rules the hands and the fingers, they love to gesticulate and to be expressive, but not more than talking. They feel safer when allowed to have the conversations they want, not to mention discussing things helps them deal easily with any emergency. Having a great memory and intellectual reactions to everything, they posses a lot of knowledge.

What’s bothering about them is that they have many moods due to the dual nature of their sign. It’s important that Geminis strive to achieve balance in life. For example, they should learn how to eat more slowly and to no longer gesticulate so much.

If they try to be more disciplined, they can end up knowing how to control themselves when angry. Astrologers describe them as perennial teenagers because they look younger than they actually are.

Their eyes are always alert, and they have a highly developed sense of humor, not to mention they don’t stress too much about anything in life. They’re very good at working mechanical instruments and crafting things. Furthermore, they’re amazing designers, interior decorators, musicians and illusionists.

Gemini Health: Negatives

Geminis have a difficult time trying to relax because they worry too much about what isn’t really important. Besides, they have a very rich imagination and sometimes think of the worst what could happen.

Because they can’t relax, it’s possible they will get sick with some nervous diseases. Their health horoscope says they can also suffer from insomnia, especially after a day in which they have worked very hard.

Their metabolism is very fast, and their blood circulates so fast that they consume a lot of oxygen. For this reason, their organs sometimes don’t have enough of it and the waste of their metabolism remains circulating in their organism, which causes rashes and some diseases related to stress.

Many Geminis start smoking at a very young age because they say this is what relaxes them. What they don’t realize is that smoking causes them to be even more stressed, as a result of poor oxygenation.

Because the lungs are their weak area too, they shouldn’t smoke at all because lung cancer lurks in the shadows for them.

What’s strange about these natives is that they can get sick with nervous diseases if they get bored for too long. This is because they’re social creatures who don’t like to spend too much time alone. When not surrounded by people, their immune system becomes weaker as a result of depression, so they can contact infection more easily.

It’s also important for them to always be on the move and to breathe in the air deeply. Their sign rules the lungs, the neck and the shoulders, so they’re the weakest in these areas of their body. They may end up having allergies, asthma and many colds.

Their health horoscope also says their stomach is weak, meaning they need to pay attention to their diet. An inactive life wouldn’t do them any good because they would develop back and neck problems.

As said before, their nervous system is very sensitive because they’re always stressed. This is also why their muscles are tense and they often suffer from headaches. They can get sick with arthritis too, and because Mercury is their ruler, they may develop their speech later in life.

Besides, they’re more prone to accidents than other signs, mostly because they’re always on the run. At the same time, they don’t pay enough attention to where they’re going.

In case they happen to get sick, they should avoid using home remedies and just go to the doctor. The more they share how they’re feeling and talk about it, the better their health gets. What’s also interesting about these people is that medicines have side effects on them almost all the time.

Gemini Health & Diet

According to their food habits, people born in the sign of Gemini tend to eat too much meat, and it’s difficult for their body to process heavy foods. They’re prone to food poisoning, so they should consume a lot of phosphorus, also calcium because they need stronger bones in order to move around.

Snacking and trying different foods are their guilty pleasures, but they’re not at all picky when going to restaurants. What they want is a simple meal, if possible containing nuts and fruits.

When it comes to meat, they should choose poultry and not cow or any red meat. Potatoes work perfectly for their body, and as far as spices go, they should use a lot of saffron, rosemary, peppermint, vanilla and cumin.

Being a sign of the mind, they need to oxygenate their brain with veggies and fruits, especially the ones in the color orange, like apricots, oranges, peaches, grapefruits and so on. These also have great benefits on the lungs, which is very helpful for them.

They shouldn’t consume too much milk because it produces mucus. What they should eat are foods rich in potassium, while salt should be avoided, as well as eating before going to sleep.

They should do breathing exercises and get a lot of fresh air. At the same time, they should drink plenty of water. Carrot juice is amazing for them, also lentils. When recuperating from a disease, Geminis need to relax their mind and to have change of scenery.

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