Gemini Woman Career and Money: How Successful is She?


The Gemini woman needs to be intellectually challenged, so her job should offer her this. She has to use her knowledge and resources in order to thrive and be happy. This is why she needs a job where she has to solve problems.

Gemini Woman Career & Money in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She is excellent at articulating her ideas.
  • Negatives: She loses interest easily in environments that aren’t stimulating.
  • Tendencies: Her need for energy and change means she can find herself changing jobs more.
  • Potential Careers: Writer, Teacher, Saleswoman, Journalist.

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If she can’t do something that challenges her, this lady gets bored and loses her interest. The best careers for her are the ones in teaching, journalism, politics and writing. This is because she’s a very good communicator and knows how to express herself.

Intelligence that Needs to be Fed

The Gemini woman is also a great lawyer, salesperson and preacher. It’s unlikely to ever see her without her phone or laptop because she needs to always communicate. For this reason, she’s a very good PR manager and entertainer.

Besides, she has the amazing talent of making friends very rapidly, which means she goes out with her co-workers and develops strong connections in her workplace. This indicates she would be a great intermediary.

More than this, the Gemini woman has the ability to understand and transmit further the most complex ideas between departments. Her bosses surely appreciate her for this talent she has.

The Twin lady doesn’t mind change and can solve problems very rapidly. As a matter of fact, she likes dealing with challenges and excels when constantly stimulated. This means she needs to work in a dynamic office, the media or with the government.

Because she loves variety, there are many careers from which she could choose and can change jobs more often than others. She doesn’t like routine and wants to interact with as many people as possible because this helps her to be intellectually stimulated and to learn new things. Therefore, her job has to ask of her to be intelligent and to use her knowledge.

The Gemini lady is very charming and spontaneous, also a big intellectual. Her favorite occupation is keeping her mind busy and exploring how new solutions could solve problems.

The Twin woman is a good mentor, especially if she learns how to be more patient. The fact that she can’t make a decision fast and wants to try everything at least once can mean she changes jobs many times and not settle.

She would be a great hairdresser because this career would require her to use her social skills and creativity. It’s very likely for her to work for the school newspaper when very young. Being curious, she may decide to work as soon as legally allowed to. The perfect job for her is fast paced and changing, so she could be a teacher or a broker.

Very communicative, the Gemini woman is also a good consultant, but only if she sticks long enough in the same job. Multitasking and having many skills, she could also run her own business and manage other people.

Teaching is natural for her because it keeps her knowledgeable and communicating. Very good with words, she could be the best writer and secretary. Since she loves to share information, she’s a good journalist, teleprompter and entertainer.

It’s not unlikely for the Twin lady to work in radio or for a TV station because she loves holding the microphone and being in front of a camera. However, she also doesn’t mind working from behind the scenes, so she could be found at a newspaper too.

What she needs the most is to use her mind, so she could also be a cleric, programmer, engineer or designer. She’s also a good intermediary because the planet ruling her is Mercury, the ruler of Godly messages.

Therefore, she could deliver any message or sell anything because what she has to say and to transmit sounds very important when she’s saying it.

The Gemini woman’s mind is always filled with new ideas, so she’s very inventive. This means she can easily find solutions to problems and can run a business if asked to.

Not very good with routines, she needs to have things changing and to meet new people. Having her as an employee is a very good idea because she knows how to fix problems and to keep people focused on the same objectives.

A Desire to be Free

Being communicative, self-confident and logical, the Gemini woman makes for a very efficient salesperson, journalist, teacher and entertainer. She also doesn’t mind being in the spotlight and participating in a debate, so she’s a very good politician.

At the same time, she could be an actress, scientist, dancer, musician, explorer and news anchor. She has the need to communicate, which means talking on a stage makes her feel empowered. Besides, she likes being in front of a camera.

A good writer, this lady is very good at expressing her feelings and telling stories. It may seem like no one is better than her at selling any product because she loves to chat and to convince people to do things the way she wants them to do them.

As a big intellectual, the Gemini lady may decide to work in a library or to be a scientist. Anything that puts her fast-paced mind to use is perfect for her. This means she likes solving mysteries and could be a good detective too.

Some Gemini women are entrepreneurs because they simply can’t stick to a routine and work schedule. They need to be flexible and to feel free, also to count on their own resources. The Gemini woman can’t have someone limiting her, not to mention she doesn’t like being told what to do.

She knows how to make her money and usually takes advantage of the best opportunities coming her way. This is why she should work as a freelancer or on commission. Flexibility can drive her to earn an impressive income.

It would be a good idea for the Twin lady to have a financial advisor, because while she knows how to earn a lot, she’s not very good at making a budget and spending wisely, not to mention she’s the type who’d rather go on vacation than pay the bills.

This is because all she wants is to have fun. It would be a good idea for her to make some investments and to put something aside for the future.

Needing Guidance Financially

The Gemini woman doesn’t really pay attention to how much she’s spending and wants to have the most expensive things, forgetting all about necessities. She also doesn’t know how to spend, but at least she has enough good luck to never end up broke.

It’s easy for the Twin woman to adapt to any situation and to find solutions to problems, so her money seems to always be in check. Unpredictable and impulsive, independent and careless, she usually spends a lot, so it’s difficult for her to accumulate wealth.

She also gets nervous when having to make a decision, which means she doesn’t like to invest, even if it’s necessary for her to do so. As a matter of fact, the most important advice for her is to make investments.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, the Gemini woman shops impulsively and likes spoiling herself. This also means she can be quite superficial when shopping. As a result, she should save more and be more practical when having to open her wallet.

What’s great about her is that she’s always optimistic and can immediately get herself together when having a problem, so her financial setbacks don’t last for very long.

Because she has many interests and is curious, it’s very likely for her to change jobs and not have a stable source of income. At least she’s a positive thinker and doesn’t worry too much about life. More than this, she’s very intelligent and energetic, always finding solutions to problems and never taking problems too seriously.

It would be a good idea for the Twin woman to rely on a financial advisor or to have her partner managing her finances. This is because she’s not at all practical and can end up spending everything she has on the most frivolous things, just because they seem fun.

Making long-term investments is also a good idea for the Gemini woman, especially if she doesn’t want to one day wake up broke and bankrupted. She may have many friends, but she can never know how many of them may be willing to help her with money.

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