Gemini Woman in Relationships: Sharp and Energetic


Everybody loves the Gemini woman because she’s witty, versatile and charismatic. Besides, she has a great eye when it comes to fashion, so she’s also being asked about what to wear.

Relationships and the Gemini Woman in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: She’s great at chatting as she knows so much about a lot of things.
  • Negatives: Her energy and erratic nature makes long-term commitments difficult.
  • Perfect Relationship: Her ideal partner should be on equal footing intellectually.
  • Advice: Gemini woman should take a minute to slow down and realize what they have in front of them.

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Her vast knowledge makes her one of the best conversationalists in the zodiac. Being an Air sign, she likes to change the subjects of discussion or else she gets bored. Interested in many things at once and able to carry out more than one discussion at a time, she attracts men like a magnet.

Aside from all this, she seems to remember every little detail about what she has learned from the news or National Geographic, so everyone wants to listen to what she has to say. When it comes to commitment, she’s not at all the type to be with a man in the long run.

Intelligence and Energy in Equal Measure

The Gemini woman loves to flirt and is always full of life, so it can be difficult to capture her heart. She can seduce any man with only one look and the way she giggles or makes small gestures.

With only a smile and by talking of things she knows a lot about, she can have anyone falling for her charm. And she very well knows what she’s doing all the time.

In spite of seeming easy to impress and very sensitive, she’s in fact clear when it comes to her objectives.

Being an Air signs, her turn on is intelligence. This means she needs to connect with a man through the mind first, to flirt with him and to put her tricks to work. He has to pay attention to what she has to say and to be as clever as she is.

This lady has a few secrets of her own. One of them is that she’s scared of her own feelings, another is that she doesn’t believe in herself. Furthermore, she hates feeling trapped or noticing that others see her as unethical because her ideals are very high.

Another one of her secrets that she hides very well is that she’s longing to have a partner, to be with someone who can love her for who she is, a changeable person who hates spending time alone. As soon as meeting her, men are completely enchanted because it’s as if she puts a spell on them. What they may be disappointed to find out is that she doesn’t want to get involved in the long run.

As a matter of fact, she’s scared of commitment more than of anything. Many would say about her that she’s fascinating and difficult to understand.

The man who happens to be in a relationship with her needs to realize that she has a dual nature. One of the Twins in her sign needs to have security and to be loved, the other wants variety and to be constantly stimulated.

She’s a creature of pleasure, but she needs an intelligent and interesting man before anything else. It would be impossible to see her with someone boring.

If she happens to be dumped, she doesn’t spend a minute thinking about what she has lost. This is because she knows that loves comes again and that everything can be forgotten.

As a lover, she’s very curious and has all kind of fantasies that she wants to turn into reality. In relationships, she always changes and can’t rest for a minute, which is where her tendency to be involved on more than one relationship at once comes from.

Longing for a Cerebral Connection First

Being dual, she may ask too much of only one man. He should be her mental, emotional and sexual partner, at all once and doing it perfectly. If she can find someone like this, then her loyalty and devotion are guaranteed.

It’s true that she has many masks on all the time, but if she happens to be truly in love, she reveals her true self. It’s likely for her to become possessive of her man.

At least she has many qualities to keep him by her side no matter what. As a matter of fact, it’s a challenge for him to maintain her interest in their relationship.

The Gemini woman is what they call a sapiosexual, which means a person turned on by a powerful intellect. She simply doesn’t like spending time with dumb people who have nothing to say, not to mention her circle of friends is made up of very smart people.

Her lover needs to be able to keep up with her in conversations, to know how to make jokes and when to laugh. She has a huge library at a home, so he must also have read most of the books she keeps there.

For her, two minds meeting is something very intimate, not to mention exciting and satisfying. This is why she needs a witty partner who has many opinions and isn’t scared of debates. He should also be ready to spend many nights having talks with her, also to listen and to talk when supposed to.

As a Gemini, she’s very flirtatious and can keep many of her admirers simply imprisoned by using her charms. She expects communication to take place naturally and loves texting.

A Difficult Mix of Wanting to be Free but Also Wanting Companionship

If in love, the Gemini woman is suddenly cuddling and very sweet. It’s easy for her to fall for someone, but unfortunately, her feelings may not last too long.

Seeing that she’s unemotional, there’s no telling how long she may have feelings for a man. However, this doesn’t mean that she can’t be just as deep as other women, even if she seems very superficial.

The thing with her is that she doesn’t understand what’s going on with her heart. At least she’s very clear about the fact that she wants to be with an intelligent man and that love isn’t blind, at least not in her world.

This girl knows what she wants. The man who can’t keep her interested in what he has to say for too long won’t spend too much time by her side, because she’ll very quickly look for someone who can.

Her sexuality is truly special, not to mention she loves spending entire days with her partner being naked and talking.

The way she has sex is not at all typical for a woman, as she’s the one to make the first move. Besides, she can be quite intense and intimate when she wants to. Unlike her male counterpart, she doesn’t mind combining emotions with physicality. What she likes the most in the bedroom is to experiment, make changes and spice things up.

Spontaneous and always on the run, the Gemini woman doesn’t stay in a relationship for the sake of it. She can’t be tied down, because this is what she would hate the most. An Air goddess, she needs to be free, to travel and to make new friends. In case she happens to be with someone insecure, most men won’t stay for too long to put the effort into taming her.

Also a mutable sign, she easily adapts and needs to have her own space from time to time. If she feels like her freedom is being somehow hindered, she becomes unhappy, so a possessive partner would not be suitable for her in any way whatsoever.

She has two sides, one that loves the single life and not having a care in the world, another one who wants a stable and long-term relationships that isn’t boring.

Her spirit is wild, this being the reason why she has to move all the time. No one can take away her freedom, especially when it comes to what she loves doing the most. This girl is very unpredictable as far as love goes, committed one moment and off on her way the next.

In public, she looks impeccable, no matter whether she’s out with the dog or shopping. The thing with her is that she’s naturally beautiful and doesn’t need to make an effort to be irresistible.

No matter what, she needs to be given her space in a relationship, as she needs to pursue her own interests. When doing this, she doesn’t ignore her partner, on the contrary, she’s perhaps competing with him.

It’s difficult to know when she’ll show up for a date, or when she’s making a joke or is being serious. A man has to love both her sides. Since she rarely shares her true feelings, it’s important to be intuitive about what’s on her heart. What she wants the most from her partner is to have fun with him.

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