Taurus Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Taurus Rising


People born with their Ascendant in Taurus prefer to be slow and steady in their approach to everything. They’re also conservative and practical.

Taurus ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: They live their life by the virtue of patience, and paying close attention to their surroundings.
  • Appearance: Their body can often be broad, but in either case they will always look for beauty in their appearance.
  • Love and Romance: Taurus ascendants can be stubborn, but only because they long for stability and security.
  • Life Advice: Despite their knack for caution and stability, they are some of the best at having fun.

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Whenever dealing with something more or less complicated, they work with tried and tested methods, in a systematic manner. If there aren’t any impulsive qualities in their birth chart, they’re cautious and pragmatic.

Since Tauruses hate change more than anything, they don’t try anything new until forced to. They prefer to be comfortable and to never take risks. When it comes to the way they complete their project, this is by taking things step by step.

Taurus Ascendant Personality

Cautious and stable, Taurus Rising natives take everything slowly and prefer to win by aiming for steadiness.

When it comes to patience, they’re the opposite of Aries. Those with Aries Rising or Sun don’t have a care in the world, whereas Taurus Rising individuals make stops whenever there’s an important decision to take.

They’re very practical and the most loyal people in the Zodiac. Anyone can count on them to never change and to be of help when the situation requires them to. These natives rarely change their mind about things because they’re very conservative. If they don’t want to do something, no one can convince them to do it.

When working, they’re just like bulls, the symbol of their sign. For as long as not provoked, they’re calm and nice, but as soon as someone pushes them to their limit, they become a real force of nature with which no one wants to deal with.

They respond to their surroundings by using their senses, so they rely a lot on their taste, smell, what they see and hear. No matter what, they’re always careful with what they’re doing.

Stubborn and inflexible, they don’t accept other people’s opinions. When it comes to what they love doing, this is to self-indulge. This is why they give a lot of importance to material possessions and are big collectors of expensive things.

They also like expensive clothes that feel soft to touch and have a classic design. It’s not unlikely for them to be well dressed when taking out the garbage.

Their physique is strong and sturdy, but they should pay attention to how much they’re eating because they like food too much. Since the Taurus rules the throat, they can end up with problems in this area and in the ear.

Taurus Rising natives are very comforting people because they’re aiming for stability and their inner peace is very welcoming. They’re also the passive type. When someone wants them to do something, they don’t do it unless coaxed.

Sociable creatures too, they enjoy observing people and how they make friends. Taurus influences them to have refined tastes, so they’re aiming to live a luxurious lifestyle and to have everything they need when it comes to possessions.

Over-indulging is something normal for them, just like dressing to impress. Their clothes are expensive and very comfortable.

When it comes to relationships, they’re looking only for long-term involvement and can be quite possessive. At least they don’t obsess over being jealous, even if they treat the people in their life as their possessions.

They want their partner to be as loyal and as intense as they are. At the same time, they hate one-night stands and superficial connections. Being very stable, their friends and partner can always rely on them.

They want to achieve success in life but can’t do anything if they don’t receive compensation.

When it comes to their talents, they are artistic. They’re also very charismatic, so they’re likely to be performers of some sort, like actors, magicians or singers. Some of them put their great taste to use in the design world.

Taurus Ascendant can also be shy and anti-social, even rude from time to time. They may also be desperately scared of getting old, or the opposite, uninterested in the way they look.

If they’re knowledgeable on a subject, they can put anyone in his or her place with their opinions. However, they do it in a polite manner. When having a goal in mind, they’re tenacious, hardworking and patient.

Spirituality and Strengths

Taurus Rising people can understand that there is more than one plane of existence and that life can sometimes be paradoxical. From their inner and outer experiences, they learn how energy is flowing and hot they can absorb it in the most efficient manner.

They understand that sexuality is only an expression of the physical plane. Furthermore, they know there’s duality in the world, so they can be mystical even when others don’t understand anything other than being as physical as possible.

The more they experience in the bedroom, the better they can become at Tantra. If they practice it, they start feeling more spiritually aware and can vibrate to higher energies.

Their life’s challenge is turning their knowledge into wisdom. For this to happen, they need to know themselves spiritually and to no longer be stubbornly attached to their own desires. If they’re no longer interested only in themselves and don’t feel sorry for themselves, they can understand what serving the humanity is.

Taurus Rising Appearance

Taurus Ascendant people usually have a strong and solid body. They’re plump at the torso and can be overweight because they enjoy eating too much. Their neck is short and thick, whereas their shoulders square and wide.

When angry, their nostrils flare just like they do in bulls. Their Rising sign is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of harmony and beauty, so they’re very attractive, not to mention they look for beauty no matter what they may be doing and when looking at themselves in the mirror.

They live their life trying to be independent whilst enjoying all of life’s pleasures. Their relationships with others are usually balanced and long-lasting because they give them a lot of importance. Taurus Rising also means that this sign is in their 1st House of their birth chart.

Love and Romance

When it comes to their romantic relationships, Taurus Ascendants can be very possessive and never willing to break up, even if the situation requires them to.

They also have the tendency to view their partner as their possession. Very loyal and sensual, they’re perfect for marriage and among the best lovers in the Zodiac.

What they want is to be in long-term relationships and to not change their partner, especially when they have a passionate connection with him or her.

Looking at the positive influences of the Taurus Rising, these are steadiness, attractiveness, reliability and even success. People with this Ascendant are always looking for balance and don’t want to give up on what they already have because change scares them. This means they can’t let go of their past.

They’re always steady and take things slowly, even if on the inside, they’re going through emotional turmoil. It’s unlikely to se them agitated. Even in crisis situations, they keep their cool and can come up with the most logical solutions to problems.

They’re most compatible with the Sun and Rising signs that are good for the Taurus, such as the ones belonging to the Water and Earth elements, like Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Good to Remember About Taurus Ascendant

Taurus Ascendant people are stable and graceful, that’s for sure. They prefer to have a pragmatic approach to everything and are among the most down-to-earth people in the Zodiac.

They don’t like change and take things slowly no matter what they may be doing. People find them attractive and easy to get along with because they’re elegant in movements and kind.

What no one can beat them at is enjoying life’s pleasures, all while remaining realistic and knowing what to when things become tougher than usually. They can be relied on with any problem because they’re practical and always ready to give a hand.

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