Gemini and Gemini Compatibility in Love & Life: A Terrific Relationship


A Gemini and Gemini relationship works best when both partners are already mature enough to value and seek a long-term relationship.

Criteria Gemini Gemini Compatibility Degree
Emotional connection Strong ❤❤❤❤
Communication Very strong ❤❤❤❤❤
Trust & Dependability Average ❤❤❤
Common values Strong ❤❤❤❤
Intimacy & Sex Strong ❤❤❤❤

When Gemini is in love, they will want to spend lots of time with their partner. They will do everything together and they will be inseparable, until someone gets bored all of a sudden.

Gemini can be superficial partners. They like the thrill and novelty of starting a new relationship, but they grow restless as the honeymoon phase comes to an end.

In many cases, someone’s perfect match is someone else born under the same sign as them. This is not the case for a Gemini-Gemini pair, though. This sign is known to be very talkative and witty.

While they like entertaining discussions, both will be like on a battlefield, trying to out-do their partner. They get too excited to speak their mind, to say the next thing, and the next, and the next. They end up not paying enough attention to their partner.

This is only one of the reasons why these two might grow irritated with one another. There will be many occasions where they will butt heads. They might find each other mentally and physically attractive, but that doesn’t make them compatible.

Even if they get along very well, like they’re soulmates, they might not feel satisfied in this relationship. They are probably too similar to find balance and stability. Gemini is generally chaotic and constantly changing, so their relationship will be all over the place. They need someone grounded and steady.

But if they can gather themselves together and become more orderly and truer to themselves, they might find their core personality and beliefs. This way, they will be more centered, and things will work out.

When These Two Fall in Love

As a couple, two Geminis will feel comfortable and open with each other. They will have lots of laughs and a great time, but they might not have strong feelings from the get-go. In bed, they’re both open minded and eager to try new things. Their sexual chemistry is pretty good, to say the least.

Gemini are free and aloof, and they don’t form strong feelings or attachment. This makes them unlikely to commit.

Trust and respect will be big issues in the Gemini and Gemini relationship. They don’t form deep emotional bonds and their passion comes and goes, so they will not always be as intimate and affectionate.

And Gemini can also convince themselves that what they’re doing is not wrong. They will find an excuse to cross boundaries, and they might have double standards.

These people are naturally charming and very flirty. They might spend all their energy out in the world, trying to be the center of attention.

This will tire them too much to make any more efforts with their partner once they’re back home. They need to set their priorities straight, and boundaries have to be set in order for them to have a stable and secure relationship.

On the bright side, Geminis know how to have fun and keep things interesting. There’s no dreaded routine in this couple’s life!

Geminis are not sensitive and emotional, so they can discuss their relationship problems objectively. If one of the Gemini partners is a bit softer and affectionate, they might not get the same treatment in return.

They value intelligence and they know how intellectually compatible they are with their partner. They will be in denial about the drawbacks of their weak emotional connection, but they should invest more in developing a deeper bond either way.

Being mentally compatible with someone is not the same as being emotionally compatible, and a strong relationship is based on both of these types of connections.

Gemini and Gemini Relationship Key Facts

They make a lively and dynamic pair, that’s for sure. They are always on the move or trying to do something new. They have short attention spans, so they wouldn’t sit still for too long. They might be better off as friends, or even friends with benefits, than lovers.

They both view the world in a rational and objective way, and they aren’t big on emotions or intuition. Gemini like to be up to date with everything going on around them, and they can talk for hours on end.

They appreciate their partner for their sharp mind and for the amazing conversations they can keep with them.

Gemini like adrenaline and always being on the move, so their lifestyle might leave them with little time or energy for each other. They will have to make it an active effort to make some room in their schedule for their partner.

Apart from Gemini’s hectic lifestyle, there’s also their lack of organization or practicality. They’ll avoid committing early in the relationship. They might be so casual that they will both be unsure about their relationship status for a long time.

In a Gemini-Gemini couple, you’ll get double the goods and bads each sign brings on their own. Their relationship will be fun and intense, but they will also both be extremely detached and impersonal. This might make them a less than stelar match for long term success.

They are big talkers and once they start an interesting discussion, they will go on for hours. Moreover, they truly enjoy each other’s company and what their partner has to say. They’re in love with each other’s mind.

They are mentally compatible and this keeps them together for as long as they are willing to compromise on other fronts. They need to build trust and intimacy, and they should never forget to be mindful and respectful of their partner’s opinions and needs.

Marriage Compatibility Between Two Gemini

These two might never actually get so far to consider marriage, sadly enough. They might be too scared, or they are just too free-spirited to commit.

If we’re talking about two more mature Geminis who have clear set goals and they are willing to take responsibilities, marriage might be an option, even if they will just allude to it.

Gemini are put off by the idea of children, especially babies. But if they can endure the first years of a baby’s life, once their children are old enough to read and write, their parents will invest a lot of time and effort in their education and maybe even introduce them to all sorts of obscure knowledge nobody asked for.

They will try to keep close communication with their little ones. It might be the child telling them: “mom, dad, can you stop talking for a second”.

They are aware of each other’s flimsiness and lack of stability, so they don’t have high expectations from each other as partners. They don’t mind their partner’s unpredictability, as they are not very attached emotionally. They can both enjoy their freedom, even if it’s at the expense of their relationship security.

Drawbacks of This Match

Children can greatly burden an already unstable relationship. Gemini wouldn’t make the best parents, considering their chaotic personalities and lifestyles.

Kids need to feel safe and they need rules and order. The two partners will have some growing up and some maturing to do before they can ever hope to start a family.

Not to mention that children generally ruin a couple’s intimacy and romance. Add this on top of Gemini’s and Gemini’s already unfulfilling intimate life. Gemini should learn to accept responsibility and put in some effort, especially when they have children.

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