Gemini Man in Love Relationships: Restless and Varied


The Gemini man is definitely not reliable and dependable. He doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, he’s just living his life at great speeds and too many changes are taking place for him. When deeply in love, his feelings are many and varied. He can be warm and eager to please his lover, also distant and difficult.

Relationships and the Gemini Man in a Nutshell:

  • Positives: He’s amongst the most fun men in the zodiac because of his eccentric nature.
  • Negatives: He may find it hard to settle.
  • Perfect relationship: One where he can indulge in his need for freedom with his partner.
  • Advice: He should try taking a seat and pausing for a moment, paying some attention to his partner.

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If he is to remain faithful in a relationship, he needs to be with someone very independent and self-sufficient. His woman needs to keep him focused on her, to leave him boiling and at the same time to be loving, all while having enough patience.

It can’t be said how long his love is going to last because he always needs change and to have an exciting life.

While his emotions are sincere and he feels them deeply, it still can’t be said if he’s going to have them all the time. This means his partner needs to just enjoy the moments she has with him, even if he’s sometimes annoying and never talks about the future.

He cares about his relationship, of course he does, it’s just that he needs spontaneity too much, also to not feel tied down in any way. Kind, interesting and not stable, he’s also the best at telling jokes.

Another thing worth mentioning about him is that he can exhibit multiple differing characteristics in a very short space of time.

Never a Dull Moment with a Gemini

After the Gemini man’s trust has been earned, he turns into this amazing partner who needs his life to be kept interesting and engaging. He’s the type to have his own hobbies and interests, not to mention he wants to keep his individuality no matter what.

At the same time, he needs a lover who’s just like him. Variety is something extremely important for him, which means he spends his time doing many different things and meeting new people.

The Gemini man loves to be intimate and hates having to be alone because what he wants the most from life is to be surrounded by friends and to have intellectual conversations with them. His freedom doesn’t have to be restricted, this being the reason why he needs a partner who’s never needy and does things on her own.

If his relationship is satisfying, he’s very joyful and sincere. In case the situation is not so good, he may refuse to communicate and let everything go to waste.

Commitment is not something he embraces because his sign is mutable and belongs to the Air sign, meaning he’s always changing, only happy when using his mind and coming up with new ideas. The emotional territory is completely strange to him. He’s not scared of being by a person for a lifetime, he just laughs very hard at the idea. The only love story he believes in is the one he creates himself.

The Gemini man doesn’t believe in what’s being shown in romantic movies. He has a certain compartment in his mind reserved for loyalty, and his mind compartments are many, and not shared in their entirety, which can be a good thing.

For example, he may be harmlessly attracted to other women more than his partner, but he doesn’t need to share what he feels. If his career requires him to spend a lot of time on the road, his lady shouldn’t be jealous and maybe try to join him.

He loves talking and telling the truth, so she will know everything he’s doing or about where he’s going. It’s not unusual for him to share his plans for the future with his partner.

What’s so great about this is that he has very imaginative dreams that are pleasure to listen to. However, in case he has a girlfriend and not a wife, she should pay attention to what he has to say in order to determine if she’s a part of his plans.

Because he lives a lot in a world of fantasy, a real relationship can overwhelm him. This is also one of the reasons why he avoids commitment as much as possible.

Not One to Be Tied Down

Just like the man born in Sagittarius, he needs variety and prefers to treat everything with a little bit of superficiality. He can also be maternal from time to time, but his only after he made sure that his freedom can never be taken away from him.

It can’t be said he would never commit in the long run because he doesn’t resent the idea at all. However, he needs to have variety in order to not get bored, so his partner can be sure he’s not at all the cliché husband or boyfriend. It’s very likely for him to marry just to check another thing from his to do list.

As soon as feeling comfortable in a relationship, he can slow his life down a touch, but only if he’s kept busy and intellectually stimulated.

At the same time, he doesn’t like putting up with emotional battles and misunderstandings. When feeling a little bit down, his partner should find ways to deal with her state of mind of her own, by reading a book or watching a movie.

It’s just that he simply can’t be the daddy of a needy girl. What he wants to avoid the most is turning into a couch potato that’s well fed and properly cared for. His space must be left untouched in order for him to be the imaginative lover that he is.

As a dual sign, his intimacy button needs to be turned on and off all the time. While not minding a life in the public eye and being famous, he still needs his special place where he can retreat alone and to recharge his batteries.

When older, the Gemini man needs even more of his own space. If married, it would be a good idea for him to have his own room in the house, a place where he can retreat to read and watch movies.

A Great Conversationalist

If young and living with his parents, the attic may be reserved for him only, to be the place where he surfs the web and plays video games. His mind is like a sponge for new information. He wants to be informed not only before making a decision, but also for his own general knowledge.

What he learns is later used in conversations. If he is to stay interested in a woman for a long time, she needs to be very knowledgeable and curious as well.

For example, he could be asked for his opinion on any matter, from choosing the drapes in a room to how he thinks WWII was won by Allied forces. He always has something to say. In case he’s asked an insane question, he politely answers that he doesn’t know anything about the matter.

Charming and very fun, the Gemini man is very sought after as a partner, even if he’s too independent and has a restless mind that keeps him away from making commitments.

What’s great about him as a husband or boyfriend is that he’s never boring. However, because he needs very badly to be free, he may not provide a woman the feeling of togetherness that she needs. He won’t stay for too long next to someone who isn’t smart and gives a lot of importance to intellectual matters.

He’s a man of ideas and likes to go places in order to meet new people and learn from various experiences. As a husband, he takes his wife in many vacations abroad.

A woman who gives a lot of importance to emotions will find him to be too detached and completely unaware of the fact that feelings do exist. At least he’s always doing something and is very fun, not to mention the best conversationalist in the Zodiac, who also has a very rational mindset. Being restless and unpredictable, he can’t keep the woman in his life too relaxed.

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