Cancer Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Cancer Rising


Cancer Rising natives feel like they have accomplished something in life if they’re emotionally satisfied and in tune with their own feelings. This is because they conduct themselves according to their instincts, which is rare to see in other Ascendant signs.

Cancer Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: They make for great carers and nurturers because of their natural flair when dealing with emotions.
  • Appearance: Often generously proportioned, their form is matched by their expressive nature.
  • Love and Romance: They keep lustful desires at arm’s length, chasing true long-term love instead.
  • Life Advice: Being so intuitive, Cancer Ascendant should remember to listen to their gut, as it is almost always right.

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Their intuition is so strong that they almost have psychic abilities, but they need to make the difference between what their insights are and what’s projected.

Being very sensitive, they protect themselves very carefully from getting hurt. It’s important that they accept their own nature and desire to nurture others. At the same time, they need to avoid taking other’s problems upon themselves because they’re not responsible for everyone who happens to be in their life.

If they learn how to use their intuition when making important decisions, they can be more self-aware, and their emotional intelligence gets to be expressed.

Cancer Ascendant Personality

Cancer Ascendant people are compassionate, gentle, nurturing and caring. This is why they’re amazing parents and have very highly developed protective instincts. No matter what, they always have an air of familiarity.

They don’t want to be in the center of attention and prefer to just blend in with their environment. Having intense emotions and being sensitive, they know what’s going on in their life every step of the way, and everything affects them harder than others.

The Cancer is a sign belonging to the Water elements and governed by the Moon, so Cancer Rising people are moody and slaves to their own feelings. They go from joy and laughter to crying and despair in under a minute, according to how the Moon is changing its position.

They’re very gentle and can make anyone feel comfortable around them. In crowds, they like to retreat to a quiet place and to sit there until the agitation passes. If they happen to be threatened, their instincts tell them to protect themselves.

Most of the time shy, they’re also very cautious about new people, which means they don’t easily trust, at least not until they have got the chance to know someone very well. Sweet and caring on one hand, they’re also unapproachable and mean when feeling hurt.

Besides, their moods have them feeling insecure most of the time. They want stability and to have a home to which they can retreat when life is very difficult for them.

Structure is very important for these people, in both relationships and their surroundings. The best versions of themselves appear when they have a partner who supports them emotionally and financially.

For this reason, they need to be with someone dependable, not to mention they don’t mind running things from the shadows. Security and structure are so important for them that they’re ready to give up their freedom in order to have them.

In relationships, they like to have rules and to know where their partner is standing. At the same time, they’re very practical about marriage. Their home is their sanctuary, so they take very good care of it. They like being intimate with their other half and hate casual relationships.

While they have ambitions and want to make their dreams come true, they’re also very vulnerable to do it steadily. However, they never show others that they may be weak, which means no one really knows them.

Cancer Rising people are always ready to do whatever it takes for their loved ones. As a matter of fact, they’re rather weak in relationships. This is because the needs of others make them even more sensitive than they actually are, so much so that they’re ready to ignore themselves so that the people they care about are happy.

Because they want to have a peaceful life, they’re very careful about who they’re marrying. Their intuition tells them immediately of there’s something wrong with their relationship. At the same time, they can guess others’ feelings without even making an effort or hearing a word from them.

When upset, their stomach starts to give them trouble. Very creative, they’re also too insecure to put their talents to use. At least they can turn into the best artists as soon as they’re sure of themselves and comfortable.

For them, having a place where they can retreat when feeling down is the most important. At home, they recharge their batteries and prepare for the next day. Furthermore, they have a rich imagination and are sentimental. Good listeners, they love being involved in interesting conversations. However, they can’t stand being criticized.

Stuck in the past, they should study history and collect antiquities. Cancer Ascendant are natural nurturers, but this doesn’t mean they don’t like being taken care of. It’s easy to get along with them and they’re very impressionable.

When it comes to their social status, they prefer to fight for it rather than to do what they love. As far as their talents go, they’re good architects and chefs, also psychologists and life coaches because they know how to empower people.

Not giving too much importance to luxury, they do like high-quality things, yet they don’t spend their money on what they don’t need. When emotionally attacked, they reveal how strong they can be on the inside.

Spirituality and Strengths

When indulging in their spirituality, Cancer Ascendants people begin to understand more about their two sides. One of these sides is about self-protection and the nurturing they receive or give. It’s also their impulse to become reincarnated.

Their other side is about immortality, comprising their creativity and the artistic way in which they understand life. If they know more why they need to reincarnate, they come in contact with their own immortality and understand how everything needs to evolve across many lifetimes in the physical world.

The mystery in this is given by the Moon, which is the Mother of Form, and Neptune, which is the Father of the Waters.

When it comes to physicality, these two are not at all rigid and allow a lot of movement. They intertwine in everything that lives. As far as spirituality goes, they seem to have less significance and solidity, but they chase the principle of Unity.

Cancer Risings need to rule themselves according to the key principle of movement. For example, the way foods and their fluids move inside their body determines their moods. They may also need to practice yoga in order to become more spiritual.

When feeling lost, it’s important that they challenge their body with strenuous physical activities. After, they should meditate and realize how plentiful the calm is.

Cancer Rising Appearance

When it comes to appearance, Cancer Rising people have a round face shaped like the Moon. Their tendency is to put on some extra height, mostly around the hips. Their legs are bulky and short.

The Cancer Ascendant women are curved and have voluptuous forms, even when skinny. No matter if ladies or gentlemen, their height is average, and they have the tendency to gain weight. Some of them resemble crabs in nature very much, moving forwards and sideways.

Many have a full face and perhaps a double chin, whereas their nose has a prominent tip. As far as their skin goes, this is usually pale. Their chest is broad, and the women’s breasts are usually big. Feet and hands tend to be small. Most of them gesticulate when talking.

Love and Romance

Cancer Rising natives have Capricorn on the 7th House’s cusp. This House is the one of serious relationships and marriage, which means for them that they want to be with someone reliable and stable, also in a long-term relationship in which boundaries are respected.

Cancer Ascendant loves romantic people who are serious about love. They don’t like one-night stands and associate sex with commitment.

Good to Remember About Cancer Ascendant

If they want to have success in life, Cancer Rising people need to understand how their inner workings function, also to follow their intuition. The more they follow their own rhythms, the happier they feel.

What’s great about their intuition is that it’s always precise, so they should trust their own feelings and not worry if they become too emotional from time to time. After all, intuition is also knowledge, just that not all the people have it.

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