Virgo Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Virgo Rising


At the same time, they criticize others a lot. What’s the most important for them is that they find ways to put their talents and abilities to practical use. Usually humble and not interested in fame, they prefer to be useful rather than appreciated by others.

Virgo Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: Virgo ascendants are happy to sit on the sidelines and let others have the limelight, but this isn’t to say that they lack confidence.
  • Appearance: Very often they look great, as their perfectionist nature ensures they’re always looking after themselves.
  • Love and Romance: Although they may initially be hesitant and seldom make the first move, they often find a partner for life.
  • Life Advice: Virgo Ascendant need those closest to them to support and encourage them.

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People born in the Virgo Rising signs have a great power of analysis and are very organized. They filter everything through their mind and don’t give too much importance to feelings.

They have to be productive and of service, so they should choose a career in which they can care of others. Crafty, capable of anything and practical, they’re also very good with numbers, whereas their increased attention to details can be useful in any profession.

It’s very likely for them to be very hard on themselves even from a young age, so they need to learn how to appreciate themselves and their talents more.

Virgo Ascendant Personality

Reserved and very serious, Virgo Ascendant natives are the opposite of Leos, either Sun or Rising. They’re never loud or too proud of their achievements.

On the contrary, they prefer working from the shadows and don’t want to be in the center of attention whatsoever. Very disciplined and organized, they’re also intelligent enough to be great bosses, but they don’t necessarily want to achieve this position.

Their analytical and observational skills have them rather standing aside and pulling the strings from behind the scenes. These people never make decisions without carefully weighing all the pros and cons.

When forming relationships, they take their time to study the people they’re involved with. Sometimes criticizing too much, they can make remarks that hurt the people in their life, which is not the best thing that could happen for them.

They’re very sensitive and feel discomfort each time their body is overworked or more tired than usual. This means they always pay great attention to their own health and do all sort of activities to prevent illnesses, such as yoga and meditating.

At the same time, they pay great attention to what they’re eating. Big worriers, when faced with new people or situations, they become anxious.

When analyzing things, they pay attention to every little detail. People in their life appreciate them for always being of help. Even when feeling uncomfortable in a relationship, they don’t hesitate to give a hand to the person who is making them feel strange.

Being attracted to those in need, they have a tendency to not see their partner in a true light. Their senses are highly developed, so every little change in their environment affects them in one way or another.

The activities they enjoy the most are ones in which they need to put their entire being, body, mind, and soul, to work. Details others don’t even pay attention to are what they focus on, so they’re very good at finding the best solutions to problems.

Perfectionists, they want order and discipline. When doing something, they’re analytical and methodical.

Because Virgo is their Rising sign, they’re cleanliness and neat freaks, so it’s not unusual to find them cleaning all the time when they’re at home.

Their charm is rather quiet and calming. As friends, they’re loyal and don’t mind making sacrifices for others, all without demanding to be recognized for their efforts. Too modest, they may suffer from an inferiority complex.

What’s also great about them is that they’re quick learners because they never hesitate to analyze and evaluate everything. Whilst adaptable, they don’t always find it easy to do so.

At the same time, they may complain a lot about change. Because they’re perfectionists, it’s difficult for them to accept that the people they love have their flaws, just like everyone else. When criticizing, they don’t think about what consequences their words may have.

Conservative and practical, they don’t like showing their affection in private, but this can change over time. While too organized in some areas of their life, they can be quite messy in others. For example, they’re curious about everyone and like to gossip a lot. When knowing something about someone, they want to share it with all of their friends who are ready to listen to them.

Among their negative traits there’s also their tendency to doubt their own abilities. They think that they’re lacking what it takes in order for them to master something. It doesn’t matter the situation, Virgo Rising natives are always focused on intellectual subjects, loyal and fun.

When it comes to their appearance, they look younger than they actually are. Anyone can count on them in times of crisis, this being the reason why they sometimes choose to be emergency doctors or police officers. A career in teaching would be suitable for them too.

Sometimes high strung, they’re still precise and dislike vulgarity. Many of them like collecting practical things like old recipes or different devices. They’re prone to anxiety, allergies and respiratory problems.

Always keeping busy and liking it, they become nervous when there’s nothing for them to do. When involved in projects that require them to go out a lot, they always dress elegantly and look neat.

Spirituality and Strengths

Virgo Rising people don’t have an easy spiritual path because they embody the human capacity to nurture, protect and reveal higher truths. Their most prominent trait is their capacity to analyze everything.

Their expression appears only after they have observed and thought of how they can improve what they were looking at. For this reason, they’re great researchers and students, even if the subject matter is more practical and not at all abstract.

As soon as they become masters of a subject, they can turn into the best and most logical teachers anyone could have.

Their developmental stage is represented by the harvest, which means they’re the happiest when their efforts are being paid. Carefully dissecting the factors that are presented to them, they usually manage to find the best solutions to problems.

Those of them who are less constructive have an ego problem and feel superior to other people. They think that they’re the best and those they’re interacting with are only making mistakes.

Virgo Rising Appearance

Virgo Ascendants’ facial features are usually small and have a well-defined shape. Their complexion is smooth and fair. Just like Gemini Rising people, they have a sort of nervous energy and need to be busy all the time. Their walk is smooth and graceful.

Most of the time, they’re beautifully dressed and groomed. Looking at their birth chart, it can be noticed that Mercury rules their 1st House, which means they’re inquisitive and the best students. They pay great attention to their health, appearance and of course, details.

Virgo Rising people always make sure they have a healthy lifestyle and that their surroundings, body and clothes are clean. Their perfectionism is both their greatest trait and worst enemy.

Love and Romance

Virgo Rising people see loyalty for their lover and their friends as a personal value they need to take good care of. They genuinely appreciate the people in their life and will always honour them.

When they fall in love, they do it with all their passion, even if they take quite a while before admitting they have feelings for someone. As soon as they have realized that they love, they’re in the relationship for a lifetime.

Because their Rising sing belongs to the Earth element, they’re constant about love. They’re the most compatible with other Earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn, whereas Water signs such as Cancer and Pisces nourish them.

Because they want too much to appear calm and collected, their relationship can suffer. At the same time, they criticize too much and don’t see the big picture because they lose themselves with every little detail.

Good to Remember About Virgo Ascendant

When comfortable, Virgo Ascendant people are the most nurturing, helping and supportive. They’re also practical and very good at discerning the good from the bad.

At the same time, they always seem to know their purpose in life and what they should do to achieve it. They’re the happiest when people in their life support and encourage them.

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