Scorpio Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Scorpio Rising


The life of Scorpio Ascendant people is often a series of tragic events and obstacles because it’s important for these natives to always transform and get rebirth. While this sounds very challenging, they need to learn their lessons the hard way if there is for them to live up to their true potential and to inspire others to achieve a lot.

Scorpio Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: With a natural flair and mystery, their confidence knows no bounds, which can either attract or alienate people.
  • Appearance: Often strong and muscular, their gaze catches the attention of anyone who crosses it.
  • Love and Romance: Finding comfort in their opposites, they desire someone who is stable and grounded.
  • Life Advice: Provided they don’t remain too averse to change, Scorpio Ascendant can achieve all they set out to do.

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Insightful and strong, Scorpio Rising individuals are able to make the important changes in their life by themselves, all while also helping others to overcome any obstacle there may be in their path.

This Ascendant is quite difficult, but at least it makes its natives magnetic, charismatic and very interesting. People born in it are transforming all their life through conflict and challenges.

Scorpio Ascendant Personality

Charismatic and possessing a special magnetism, Scorpio Rising natives easily make themselves noticed. They have an air of mystery and seem very strong, no matter what they may be doing. No one can push them around because they know how to hold on to what they have and their abilities.

What they want is to be respected and appreciated for what they do, even praised and feared sometimes. They seem powerful, determined and ambitious.

At the same time, they live at extremes, being too quiet sometimes and very loud at other times. Others either love them for being eccentric or hate them because they’re always speaking the truth.

Usually, what Scorpio Ascendant people do doesn’t go unnoticed because their actions cause strong reactions. Having a strong intuition, they immediately sense people’s hidden motivations and bad intentions.

Having a rather fascinating and menacing personality, they stand out from the crowd and are either loved or hated. Others’ reactions to what they’re doing never confuse them. They hate superficiality and can’t stand people who do things just to appear as being someone else.

Some are intimidated by their intensity, others are attracted to it. Scorpio Rising are obsessed with their privacy and want to be in control all the time. They strategize everything so that they always have the advantage.

Cautious and deliberate, they often use their inner feelings to determine what they need to do in any given situation. No one can betray then because they immediately smell it when people are being deceiving.

It’s like they can see through people, not to mention they’re very vengeful as soon as someone has dared to cross them. Their intuition tells them when people are lying and what their weaknesses are.

However, they should use these intuitive powers of theirs to heal souls rather than to destroy their enemies. In other words, they need to channel their energy and power in the direction of good.

When it comes to love, they want a reliable and down-to-earth partner, also to be involved in something long-term. For them, relationships are meant to last forever, so they take things very personally when cheated on.

They easily fall for those who have magnetic personalities, just like theirs. However, this doesn’t mean they’re aware of their own magnetism, they’re just attracted to it in others.

Scorpio Rising people are powerful enough to recover from any kind of problem, ranging from emotional and mental to financial and relational. They have one of the strongest self defence mechanisms and always rely on facts when making judgments.

It’s impossible to learn more about them because they don’t trust anyone with their secrets and thoughts. However, they’re still very loyal as friends, but only for as long as they receive loyalty in return.

Their strong intuition helps them have almost psychic and healing powers. What they should try doing is stop being so sarcastic. Their loyalty, honesty and truthfulness are some of their best qualities.

From relationships, they expect to get humbleness, sensitivity and reliability, also passion and practicality. Their partner can count on them to be romantic, respectful and dependable, even if they’re possessive and would never believe that a fling can be just a fling.

This is because they want commitment in the long run and nothing else. Erratic people aggravate them, so it’s better for such personalities to avoid these natives.

Scorpio Ascendant natives are competitive and eager to succeed, so it’s not unusual for them to become CEOs of big corporations or to manage to achieve their goals very rapidly, seeing they’re also tenacious and hardworking.

They don’t mind competing and can be very stubborn when trying to win at something. Emotional, they prefer to hide their feelings so that they don’t seem weak. As far as taking risks goes, they prefer to do it, but only after carefully observing what’s going on.

Spirituality and Strengths

To some extent, Scorpio Ascendant people have already taken the spiritual path and managed to discover what their soul has to hide. This is because they’re very intense and always see behind what’s physical as a result of their strong emotions.

It’s very likely that their entire life, they have struggled to choose between their material desires and what their spirit guided them to do. Most of the time, they have chosen the second. They have all it takes to make all the important changes in their life.

Many see their decisions as truly remarkable because they can change their mind easily when seeking for advantages in a different direction. All these things help them be more spiritual and deeper.

There may be time when their material needs drive them, but in the end, they will always choose the spiritual path. Looking back at what they did, they will probably notice that their life took them in this direction all the time. At the same time, they have a very logical mind and don’t make impulsive choices.

Scorpio Rising Appearance

Scorpio Rising natives haver very big and penetrating eyes. They can make someone fall in love with them with a simple glance. Their sharp facial features make them appear skinny in the face, whereas their complexion is usually oily or sallow.

When it comes to their body, they tend to be strong and muscular most of the time. Because they never want to reveal their emotions, they don’t have too many facial expressions, seeming immobile around their eyes and mouth.

As far as their height goes, they’re either short or average with a full formed and or stout figure. Their face may have the square form. The hair of these natives can be curly or wavy, also mainly dark and thick. Some of them fit the Mediterranean profile perfectly, as they have a dark complexion and a sharp nose.

Love and Romance

Scorpio Ascendants are attracted to their opposites, for example the Taurus on the Descendant people may be perfect for their tastes.

The Descendant represents the 7th House cusp, the 7th House being the one of committed relationships and marriage. This is why Scorpio Rising natives are attracted to Tauruses, who are stable, reliable, trustworthy and loyal.

Good to Remember About Scorpio Ascendant

The Rising sign of people born in the Scorpio Ascendant is a very intense one, representing people whom life is going to give great rewards for as long as they understand that resurrection is necessary for transformation and evolution.

As soon as Scorpio Rising people learn that they can grow and discover their power withing by rebirth, they can become a real force of nature with which no one can mess.

They’re very sensitive to their surroundings and emotional, but they don’t want to reveal all this about themselves in order to not seem vulnerable. It’s like they don’t want to give others any power over them, which means they’re very self-protective.

What’s good about this is that they understand how much their emotions can trigger. As a matter of fact, it can be said they’re quite perceptive, and not only when it comes to themselves, but when it comes to others too. For example, they’re able to feel the emotions of the people they’re interacting with and they don’t even need to hear a word from them for this to happen.

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