Sagittarius Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Sagittarius Rising


People with the Sagittarius Ascendant think life is a quest and that taking part in adventures is what makes it worth being enjoyed. They also want to give meaning to everything.

Sagittarius Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: Rarely pessimistic, their thirst for exploring all life has to offer can rub off onto others.
  • Appearance: Sagittarius Ascendant can be expressive, almost to the point of clumsiness.
  • Love and Romance: Their sense of adventure always comes first, so they’re rarely worried about whether they will ever settle down.
  • Life Advice: Given that their enthusiasm can never really be extinguished, they would do well to pass their energy to others in an uplifting way.

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Their self-awareness increases the more they expand their horizons on all levels, be it mental, physical of spiritual. They’re always optimistic and hopeful, so they expect success no matter what they may be doing.

Sagittarius Ascendant Personality

Sagittarius Rising people are always up for adventure. They want to learn new things and to experience everything intensely. It’s unlikely for them to ever be pessimistic.

On the contrary, they have tremendous life force and are very enthusiastic, so for them, everything has to end in a positive manner. At the same time, they always have goals and high ideals, not to mention they’re very committed to accomplish them.

However, when it comes to relationships, they don’t want to be responsible for others’ feelings. At least once with someone they adore, they’re loyal, exciting, fun and freedom-giving. What they love doing the most is experimenting with new ideas, exploring and innovating, even if they don’t stick with their projects for too long because they’re always moving towards something new.

Their opinions are very strong, and they want to share them with everyone, not caring if they’re being listened to or not. While self-confident, many see them as naïve. Their sense of humor is highly developed and present all the time, so it’s easy to get along with them and they’re easy to approach.

Naturally charismatic, they give the impression that they’re larger than life itself. This means they’re good at encouraging others to succeed. No one can take away their desire for independence and love of travel.

It’s important for these people to change their surrounding sceneries as much as possible. In case they get married, they have to do it with someone who understands them.

Not at all materialistic, they prefer to get together with people and to have fun rather than to accumulate wealth. They’re amazing party people and like casual relationships over commitments, so many think of them as superficial.

Because they need to be active most of the time, their patience is limited and they have a restless soul. Their life is like a search for something because they’re doing all sort of things. Having many experiences in the path that lies behind them, their stories are interesting and exciting. People value their opinions, even if they’re not always detailed and profound.

Sagittarius Ascendant people are also very honest and direct. They tell the truth as it is and don’t care who they may be hurting with it, so many may hold grudges against them. At least they always manage to find their way out of any tense situation, just by making a good joke.

They hate routine and get bored easily, but if there’s an opportunity for them to compete, they’re very eager to do it. This means they prefer competitive sports to exercising. As a matter of fact, they’re quite sporty and have a special talent for horseback riding.

Enthusiastic about exotic foods and drinks, they will travel the world to try all these things. They give more importance to the journey than to the destination. It’s almost impossible for them to be on time to meetings because they always leave the last minute.

Their talents are often related to religion, teaching, art and publishing. Rather practical than emotional, they never talk about their own feelings. On the other hand, it can easily be noticed when they’re not happy about something, as they may lose a little bit of their sense of humor.

The fact that they enjoy every moment is something admirable about them. No matter where they may be, they bring along their joy and a lot of laughter, all without asking to be in the center of attention.

Jupiter’s position in their birth chart determines which qualities dominate their personality the most, but no matter what, they’re curious, spiritual and philosophical, also generous and lucky. It’s easy for them to adapt to any new situation or person because they’re flexible and enjoy novelty. On the other hand, they also give the impression that they’re rude, pretentious and self-indulgent.

If they aren’t careful with the way they behave, they can be very cynical. What they should also pay attention to is their tendency to be so obsessed with their freedom that they no longer care about others. Furthermore, Sagittarius Rising need to learn how to focus and be more tactful.

Spirituality and Strengths

Anything that has to do with making the world a better place and becoming more spiritual motivates the Sagittarius Ascendant people whose Rising sign rules the thighs and the hips. As everybody knows, these body parts allow human beings to walk and stand up straight.

From a metaphorical and spiritual point of view, the rulership of Sagittarius indicates that those with this Ascendant are upright in their thinking and have immense mental, physical, emotional and also spiritual potential.

Aside from all this, they’re also very intuitive, even skilled at seeing into the future. The more they match what their intuition tells them with what they aspire to from a spiritual point of view, the more their path in life becomes easy to discover and follow.

Their intuition is always right and useful, helping them to intellectually develop and to become more knowledgeable about life. Even when studying a subject, they seem to know what they will learn about next. Filling the blanks is one of their special skills that helps them find solutions to any problem.

Sagittarius Rising Appearance

Sagittarius Ascendant natives have a round face and a very broad smile. They may not have any grace and can be, in fact, very clumsy, all because they exaggerate with their manners and gesticulate a lot.

When walking, they seem like they’re just dragging their feet. While very energetic, they still don’t like having an exercise routine, not to mention they tend to overindulge when eating and drinking. Still, most of them are tall and fit. They walk like a Centaur and stand upright. Their tendency is to stoop, as if they’re grazing for grass.

As said earlier, their face is round, also their forehead. When it comes to their eyes, these are usually hazel or blue, whereas their complexion stays clear.

The hair is most of the time brown in men, with the tendency to fall around the temples. Because their body is built for running just like in horses, their feet scrape when they’re in one place for too long.

Love and Romance

Sagittarius Rising people are always expressing their points of view and think the world is this big place they need to explore and to enjoy. They’re also very positive and believe anything is possible.

Believing in themselves and their skills, they take on any project and go to as many parties as possible because they want to make new friends.

Belonging to the Fire element, they’re adventurous and know that things will always turn out to be alright for them. Curious almost to a fault, they always need to learn new things and want to discover the meaning of life by traveling.

The most compatible signs with them are the Air ones, so Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. With Arieses and Leos, they get along very well because there’s the Fire element they all have in common, which means they’re also good with Sagittariuses like their Rising sign.

Good to Remember About Sagittarius Ascendant

Sagittarius Ascendant natives will never see life as something else but an adventure. They believe a lot in themselves and are very positive, so many want to be their friends.

Everything for them takes place at a grand level and is exciting. Opportunities need to be taken advantage and the possibilities are endless. What they should do more is use their perception and sense of humor to uplift and inspire others.

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