Libra Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Libra Rising


Choices are very important for Libra Rising natives, even if they find it difficult to make them because they always need to analyze situations from more than one point of view. After all, their Ascendant sign is represented by the Scales of Justice and deliberation is their middle name.

Libra Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: Their tendency towards justice and fairness makes them a magnet for people in social situations.
  • Appearance: Their young complexion is aided by their need to take great care of themselves.
  • Love and Romance: They can float from partner to partner in search of different kinds of love.
  • Life Advice: When surrounded by people with more focused qualities, all the best characteristics of Libra Ascendant can begin to flourish.

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They’re objective and very focused on their connections with others most of the time because Libra rules partnerships too among other things. The fact that they consider all options means they have a very difficult time when having to make decisions.

The same sign belongs to the Air element. What Libra Ascendant people want the most in life is to see fairness and equality in all their relationships and around themselves. At least their judgment is good most of the time and they’re committed to keeping it this way. Their main purpose is to find the right principles and to maintain their position at all times.

Libra Ascendant Personality

Easy-going and airy as a summer breeze, Libra Rising people are liked by many. They’re always fair, peaceful and determined to bring justice no matter where they may be going.

At the same time friendly and charming, they attract people like magnets. However, they have the tendency to avoid emotional involvement at all costs, this is the reason why they have so many relationships during a lifetime.

They need to always have someone around, not because they’re dependent, just because they can’t be alone. As soon as people they can trust surround them, they’re able to function at their best. For them, having a partner in crime is the most fun thing ever, so they may get married earlier than their friends.

They like dependable people who don’t mind competing from time to time because they want equality no matter what. Everything has to be proportionate and balanced for these people. Fairness and equity are things that describe their desires the most.

When it comes to their appearance, they always seem to look good because they take good care of themselves and the way they dress. Besides, they’re creatures of physical comfort and want to have luxury in their life, as their senses are heightened because Venus rules Libra.

In dealing with other people, they’re soft and mannered. However, in case they do something wrong, they immediately start blaming others because they don’t want to spoil their image.

Very good mediators, they don’t like conflict and avoid it as much as possible. The people that attract them the most are active and competent ones. Before learning that it’s alright for them to be themselves, they may argue a lot with their partner.

Even if not highly educated, they appear learned and cultivated, just because they’re big fans of art and good literature. As a matter of fact, they may themselves be artists of some sort.

Even if friendly, they’re still rather superficial and emotionally detached. Whenever witnessing imbalances and injustice, they become really upset and bossy until things are restored. What they want the most is to be surrounded by peace. This is why they’re very good at settling arguments.

Other people see them as fair and turn to them when they need to settle a conflict. Libra Rising always want to provide a helping hand and are approachable.

Their Ascendant is represented by the Scales because they always weigh up all the sides of a problem when having to find the solution. This comes mostly from their eagerness to have balance no matter what.

Being very polite, others may see them as insincere, but this is not true considering they’re aiming for peace and harmony. They’re romantic and elegant too, so it’s difficult to resist their charm.

When it comes to their negative traits, they can be rude, too shy or antisocial, also obsessed with remaining young no matter what. At the same time, they’re very indecisive.

While seeming soft and sensitive on the outside, they’re in fact very strong on the inside. They’re just too diplomatic to ever seem tough. One thing that’s also bad about them is that they can use their persuasion skills for the wrong reasons, convincing people to over-indulge in pleasures with them.

However, they use the same skills to mediate conflicts, so there’s a balance between the bad and the good in all this.

As friends, they’re always ready to listen and to give their best advice. Being social butterflies, they have a rather large circle of friends. Their image is very important for them because they don’t want others to not think highly of them. This means they worry a lot about how they appear in the eyes of others.

They want to please everyone, so many wonder if they ever have an opinion about something or they just agree with just about everything.

Spirituality and Strengths

Libra Rising’s spirit is always in balance and at rest. On a metaphysical level, these people enjoy the rest periods, so they always reflect calm and peace.

Their contemplative nature indicates they have a good balance between their physical and spiritual lives. The more they learn how to deal with their duality in a conscious manner, the more they become calm and don’t invest their energy in what doesn’t really matter.

Their balance and calm nature make them sought for by people, not to mention they can always have a nice conversation about anything because they have clear ideas, honest opinions and always ask the right questions.

Their tendency is to cultivate harmony, which means they’re great team members who work hard for achieving the goals of the group. The more they become spiritual, the more their material and sexual needs change. They remain the same physical beings, but they have more spiritual aspirations.

Instead of having sex just for the sake of it, they look for partners who are as deep and peaceful as they are, also to be involved in long-term relationships. Sometimes, they can be so absorbed by experiences with other realms that they no longer want to have physical contact with anyone.

Libra Rising Appearance

Influenced by Venus to be graceful and beautiful, Libra Rising individuals immediately attract other people. They have a nicely shaped face and a harmonious body. However, they do have the tendency to put on weight around middle age.

Polite and mannered, they impress at any party and social event. Besides, they always seem to look great because they take good care of themselves, even if stout around their middle age.

Their hair is dark and smooth, whereas their eyes tend to be dark or blue. When it comes to their nose, this is well defined and placed on a round face. They have a good complexion and always look young, even in their 80s.

Love and Romance

The Libra Ascendant woman may not be the best at protecting herself, but she can surely discern, especially when it comes to choosing her partner. She likes attractive men who work hard and make good money. All Libra Ascendants want to be romantically involved because this brings them balance.

They change partners not because they’re superficial, but because they want to explore any chance for love. At the same time, they believe in soulmates.

It’s not unusual for Libra Rising men to no longer discern well when in love because they see everything in an optimistic light and can’t focus on anything else besides their romance.

These people are the most compatible with other Air signs like Gemini and Aquarius because they’re also intellectuals and in love with art. The Fire Leos, Arieses and Sagittariuses will always appreciate their sense of justice. Libra Rising people are also very charming, which is something Fire signs are attracted to.

Good to Remember About Libra Ascendant

Libra Ascendant natives are very preoccupied with relationships because these define who they are and what needs they should have. They’re always ready to make compromises for others to be happy with them.

After all, their Rising sign rules partnerships, so they’re very much interested in them. When they collaborate, their best qualities get to emerge, not to mention they can focus better when having the same goals as others. Relationships are teaching them to assert themselves and to stand up for what they believe in.

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