Gemini in Friendships: The Fun and Ever-Changing Friend


It’s a pleasure to be around Geminis because they’re fun, ready for adventure and always up to meet new people from different cultures and places. These natives are running from party to party, so they should sometimes stop for a while to pay attention to the friendships in their life.

Top 5 Reasons Gemini is Your Best Friend:

  1. Gemini friends will treat you the same as any of their other friends.
  2. They’re always up for an adventure or otherwise good time.
  3. If you are close friends with a Gemini, it means they really value your friendship.
  4. They have a unique ability to see things from multiple points of view.
  5. Above all they are honest and because they can see both sides to a situation.

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They should take their time to listen and to be deeply interested in their friends’ activities because this is how they can develop strong connections with those who happen to be by their side. The best conversationalists in the Zodiac, Geminis always have a good joke to tell.

It’s true they can be unreliable because they’re focusing only on what they’re supposed to do next, but when it comes to adventure, they can be relied on without any doubt. They simply love trying new restaurants, going to the cinema and attending parties.

While the latest news in politics and gossip interest them a lot, they also get bored very easily, this being the reason why they’re all the time moving from one thing to another.

Problem Solvers with Lots of Energy

Geminis don’t easily get close to people. As a matter of fact, they’re very proud of the fact that they only have a few real friends. They like meeting new people and having casual conversations, so they seem superficial to many.

Besides, they seem to be rather self-centered because they don’t usually listen to what others have to say with much care. Maybe this is why they don’t attract individuals who genuinely trust them.

As soon as they have made friends with someone, they stay close to that person, trying to develop a strong and deep connection that will last in time.

However, they don’t reveal too much about themselves from the first meetings, preferring to say only a little bit and to let that other person discover them little by little. This way, they can observe the personality of their new friend, also find out more about his or her history.

Gemini natives love being entertained, going out for dinners and attending parties. Any event that involves discussions attracts them, so they go to all kinds of social events. They want to try foods from every corner of the world, so they’re going to every new restaurant that’s opening in their town, taking their best friends with them.

Erratic and forgetful, they don’t remember birthdays and others special dates, regardless if they’re of the people they consider to be their closest. Their gifts are at least thoughtful and funny because they pay a lot of attention when getting them and want to make everyone laugh.

Anyone can come to Geminis for good advice though because they’re good problem solvers and see things in a very rational manner most of the time. This means they can be the most looked for in their group when times are very difficult.

They don’t hesitate to give a helping hand and to assess any issue with a logical and cold mind. In case 2 friends of theirs are involved in a conflict, they never take sides and try to remain objective as much as possible, most of the time succeeding in doing just that.

Living Life to the Max

As said before, the saddest news about Geminis is that they simply can’t remember birthdays. It’s nothing personal with them, but they just don’t have enough time to pay attention to such things.

At least they’re always funny and know what to say when the situation is tense, so they’re the ones who can help create the best memories at special events. Even the most boring party at a coffee shop can turn into a big event when they’re around.

They’re ordering a new round of booze with an accent and pretend to be interested in who’s serving them, which can make everyone laugh.

While they have many acquaintances and busy days in their schedule, only a few of their friends really matter to them. Besides, when out with someone, they no longer care about anyone else.

While it takes Geminis a few hours to really know a person, it can be really difficult to know them. They connect with people indeed, but they keep many things about themselves hidden.

The very independent Aquarius love their energy and desire to live life to the maximum. Both these signs are big intellectuals and creative, so they can spend a lot of their time together discussing books, going to museums and thinking about all sort of new ideas.

It’s true that Aquariuses may not like Gemini’s shifting mood all the time, but they wouldn’t say anything about it because they would be having too much of a great time with their Twin friend.

On the other hand, they understand how Geminis need to socialize so much because they’re exactly the same, not to mention they never get jealous seeing that Geminis are surrounded by other people. Furthermore, Water Bearers love the dynamism of Geminis, but would never agree to gossip with them.

Friends of Gemini people need to understand they’re spending their time with double personality individuals. Twins are dual because their sign is dual, which means they can be quiet and reserved one moment, enthusiastic and talkative the other. There’s no knowing what causes their shifts in mood, they’re just changeable and no one can do anything about it.

It’s a good thing that astrology provides this information about who they are because their friends can determine how they can have stronger friendships and be the best companions anyone has ever had. Their positive traits can be highlighted and relied upon, whereas the negative ones avoided.

Experts at Playing the Devil’s Advocate

The fact that Geminis have 2 faces doesn’t have to be a bad thing because it helps them analyze situations from 2 points of view. As a matter of fact, it can be difficult to be as open minded as they are.

When having to make important decisions, they’re usually the best advisors and very rational. Besides, they would never lie just to make someone feel better. Their answers are honest and usually well-thought.

It can be annoying to have to deal with someone who sees things from many points of view, but above it all, it’s effective. What also characterizes these natives is the fact that their first intention when doing something wrong is to blame others. Most of the time, they take only half the blame of their own actions, which can be very frustrating.

Looking at the Zodiac, they’re a positive sign in the order of the wheel because Aries is the first sign, and the energy alternates between positive and negative from one sign to the next.

This positiveness is manifested in Geminis’ extroverted nature and scientific mind. These people need engaging friends who understand a good joke and don’t mind being made fun of. In order to get their attention, they should be invited to large parties where the conversations are intellectual and witty.

They will want to have more of these outings with people who take them to such events. At the same time, they need to have forgiving friends, seeing they always forget about birthdays and have no idea how to keep a secret.

Besides, they have a tendency to gossip about everyone, not because they have bad intention, but because they’re very communicative and need to hear others’ opinion any given situation.

At least they’re not scared of anything and fun, not to mention they push others to make their dreams come true. When it comes to giving a hand, they’re always there to do whatever and whenever.

Cultured and knowledgeable, they like discussions about movies, books and the latest news in politics. Whenever finding out something interesting, they immediately share it with their friends. In case these didn’t know about it, they don’t make them feel stupid.

Geminis are very observant and respectful. They’re honest too, their opinion matters because it’s informed and legit most of the time.

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