Aries Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Aries Rising


Aries Ascendant natives are very straightforward and don’t want to waste their time with things that don’t actually matter. They’re also very physical and energetic.

Aries Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: Assertive and charming, there is no way you can stop these people from pursuing their dreams.
  • Appearance: Aries rising people have a beautiful appearance and a sporty physique.
  • Love and romance: They are more romantic than their peers, that is for sure.
  • Life advice: Aries Ascendant people should avoid rushing head first into new activities.

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When life challenges them, they’re the happiest because what they want the most is to get busy and to have some goals for which they’re working hard. In case they don’t have some other passive qualities in their chart, they’re the ones who are starting things and pushing everyone to take action.

These people are the initiators who know how to be in charge and real pioneers. Very independent and self-reliant too, they have one big problem, though. They don’t know how to be patient.

Aries Ascendant Personality

As said before, Aries Rising people are very direct. They’re also spontaneous and very strong, having the tendency to act before they think. Their instincts tell them what to do and they usually don’t care about the consequences of their actions.

At the same time, they have a temper and get angry quickly when annoyed. At least they don’t hold grudges and always say what bothers them. It’s impossible for them to just stay still because they’re too active and looking for the next interesting thing to do all the time.

For this reason, they have a serious problem finishing the projects they have started. While impulsive, they’re not aggressive in any way, as their Ascendant is in its pure form but not under the influence of the Sun or the planet Mars, which rules the sign of Aries. Assertive, they pursue their dreams without ever giving up. They have good intentions and hate manipulation.

Honest and youthful, they say what they want and do many things at once. Aries Rising natives are determined to succeed in life. They have ambitions and are sometimes so eager to achieve what they want that they become selfish.

When focusing on their goals, they tend to forget all about others’ needs. Their need to make their dreams come true is very strong, almost to the point of being dangerous. Many of them are very competitive as well. They work hard to get what they want because treachery and malice disgust them.

No matter what they may be doing, they always want to lead. When getting things done, they do it very fast and have a short attention span. It’s easy to notice them because they’re the ones whose movements can be tracked and do everything on the run.

Despite having short tempers, they don’t stay upset for too long, not to mention they’re never vengeful or resentful.

The fact that they have some difficulty focusing indicates they hate boredom. What they want is to always be where the action is, so they move from one project to another, forgetting to finish what they have started.

They’re more the type to just begin things, but if their Mars is in a stable sign like Taurus, they’re also focused on finishing their tasks.

Aries Rising children are very independent and can take care of themselves. Nothing changes about them when they’re adults either. They have a courageous and honest heart, not to mention very good leadership skills, so they’re often called by other kids to deal with challenging situations.

Sometimes, they seem rude and impatient to adults, but they actually aren’t.  They just like to wear a mask to hide their true selves, which is warm and very profound.

When having to defend something they believe in or their loved ones, they’re real warriors and very fierce. Coming back to the Aries Ascendant adults, these people are very passionate and love to chase the person they’re in love with.

It’s difficult to resist them because they have a special charm. On the other hand, some of their friends may find their need for adventure and enthusiasm too much. They’re full of energy and can destroy anyone who dares to stand in their way when they’re feeling motivated.

Overestimating their own talents and abilities, they have a tendency to work too much. Sports and different competitions attract them because they always want to be the first. Many love them for being active and inspiring.

Spirituality and Strengths

Aries Rising natives go through cycles when they’re very intuitive and spiritual, and cycles when they’re only practical. Since intuition without practicality has no effect whatsoever, they need to find a way in which they can put their psychic abilities to use.

Being ruled by Mars, they’re not very compassionate, so they should learn how to be warmer. They’re witty, enthusiastic and very spontaneous, but they should put these traits of theirs to use in the interest of others too.

At the same time, they should use their good sense of humor to make everyone happy. When impatient, it’s important for them to do something creative. If foolish, they need to channel this energy into helping others, whereas their jealousy should be turned into protectiveness.

The more they put their Rising sign’s strengths to use, they more they can express their personality and feel alive, understanding who they are and who they aspire to become. It’s important for them to learn their own truths and what they need to do in order to act upon them.

Deep inside themselves, they must know that intuition and intellect function very well together, so they should use both. When intuitive enough, they get to become more sensitive too, which can help them with the creative process and making their voice heard.

Aries Rising Appearance

As said earlier Aries Ascendant natives move fast and their walk is swift. Many of them have reddish hair and a ruddy complexion. Their face has pronounced features such as marks and scars, mostly because they’re prone to injuries as a result of their very active lifestyle. Their body is athletic and strong.

Their Rising sign most likely gave them a beautiful appearance and a sporty physique, also a very youthful spirit. Full of life, their physical resources are tremendous, so they’re always ready to compete in sports and to do things that may put their life in danger.

Because their Rising is Aries, they give a lot of importance to the way they look or others perceive them. Their personality is dominated by their need to tell the truth, even in situations in which they may end up hurting others. At least they can be trusted to always give their honest opinion.

There are certain qualities associated with their Ascendant, such leaning their head forward and their swift walk.

Their health problems are usually headaches and sinus issues. Some of them are very sensitive to insect bites or develop rashes and acne. Those who don’t have a ruddy complexion, blush very easily and turn red if angry.

Their shoulders are broad and their hips slim. Always wearing a smile, they look younger than they actually are, even when very old.

Love and Romance

Aries Ascendant individuals are masters of romance and flirting. They are very attractive and enjoy chasing more than any other sign in the Zodiac.

However, they too easily get bored, so they lose attention over the person they like as soon as someone else more interesting appears into their life. It’s difficult for them to find a long-term partner who can be as romantic as they are.

Compatibility for Rising signs can work for both Rising and Sun signs. Their best matches are Sun or Rising Sagittarius and Leo, plus those belonging to the Air element, like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Good to Remember about Aries Ascendant

Aries Risings’ main task is to discover their creative potency, for this can help them be the initiators they actually are. Their Ascendant sign and the House in which their Sun is positioned in their chart gives them an idea on how they can make their life as perfect as it can get.

What they need is to be instigators. Their tendency is to be self-sufficient and to do things on their own, so they should learn what collaboration means. When eager to jump headfirst into situation, they should take their time to think twice about what they’re about to do.

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