Aquarius Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Aquarius Rising


Individualistic and highly objective, Aquarius Rising people know who they are and what they want from life. They’re rather detached, not to mention they always assess things logically, which means they easily find solutions to the most difficult problems.

Aquarius Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: Natural problem solvers, they’re able to see the bigger picture in a situation.
  • Appearance: Vibrant, eccentric and born to stand out, these people garner attention everywhere they go.
  • Love and Romance: They have no problem attracting others, but do have a tendency to be unpredictable.
  • Life Advice: It’s important for Aquarius Ascendant to remember their actions almost always have a greater purpose to them.

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When it comes to their view on society, this is broad, and they expect to interact with people from all cultures and walks of life. The social dynamic and the awareness of their group influences the way they express themselves, but not too much.

They like working in teams and being part of something larger than themselves, but they manage to preserve their originality and usually come up with the most innovative ideas.

What’s amazing about them is that they can overlook their own needs in order to make the world a better place. Their tendency is to act in the benefit of the many, so they’re not aiming for personal gains in life.

As a matter of fact, they’re among the most humane people in the Zodiac, also socially responsible and attentive to others’ needs.

Aquarius Ascendant Personality

Original, eccentric, innovative and radical, people who have the Aquaries as their Rising sign are very unique, so their interests and opinions are the most interesting ones.

They’re big intellectuals who don’t mind working hard and employing new methods that haven’t even been tested yet. More concerned with the wellbeing of the collective than of their own, they tend to not pay attention to themselves or their family, just because they’re focused to change the mankind.

When supporting a social cause, their own interests don’t matter anymore. This can have a negative impact on their relationships and personal life.

Since they have experienced many things and have seen a lot in life, it’s difficult to impress them with anything. As a matter of fact, they’re the ones shocking others all the time, and they really enjoy doing it.

Their sense of humor is rather irreverent and quiet, yet still very good and charming. This means other people like them very much, especially since they’re very friendly too. They seem to get along well with everyone, not to mention they believe in fairness and equality.

Unique and rather aloof, they’re still very caring, which is a contradiction in their personality. Even if stranger than others and very unique, they’re still liked by many for their love of freedom, humbleness and ability to easily make new friends.

Not at all emotional and in fact practical, they still care a lot about humanity and will always stand by the side of those who have been mistreated.

Their tendency is to confound imagination with reality, to not be able to understand where the line between the different planes of existence happens to be. However, they remain the same compassionate and detached personalities they are, no matter what they may understand from what’s going on in the back of their mind.

They’re very independent and don’t like to do the same things as others because they need to innovate and to be considered different. This is why they never follow others or respect rules, no matter their age and experience.

Very observant, they know how to put the pieces of any puzzle together, and also know how to turn their ideas into projects and to make their dreams come true. They’re very good leaders, but what they need the most is to be told that they’re special, not that they can run a team.

Their originality sometimes has them excluded just because they’re different. In spite of this, they still know what they need to do. Very good at solving problems, many come to them for advice.

They’re also very good managers and know how to convince people that collaborating is the best way to go when trying to achieve something great.

There’s never a moment in which Aquarius Rising natives aren’t expressing their individuality. For example, they wear the most interesting clothes that help them stand out from the crowd.

While open to any new idea, they’re still too stubborn to do what others are saying. As a matter of fact, they’re rather inflexible and often try to impose their own points of view on others.

Furthermore, they can’t see details because they focus too much on the big picture, which means they often forget about the needs of their loved ones. Their need for independence is tremendous, so they don’t want to be constrained by their social position or wealth.

When interested in someone, it’s because they really like that person, not at all because they were suggested to date him or her.

People are very attracted to them and they have many friends. All Aquarius Ascendant natives are quirky because they do unusual things and don’t abide to trends. Their clothes are eccentric, so they’re the ones who show others what brings a touch of color to their wardrobe.

Some of the people in their life might make nasty comments about what they’re wearing, but they don’t care. They like a good argument and often play the role of the devil’s advocate. Their freedom is so important to them that they may never get married.

Besides, they have a restless soul and are always looking to be stimulated by the new. No one can predict their moves and they often contradict themselves.

Spirituality and Strengths

Aquarius Rising natives are big thinkers. They can understand what motivates them, also what has them emotionally attached.

They don’t want to be typical, no matter if it’s about looks, spirituality or religion. When doing unusual things, they realize what truly makes them tick and which situations are advantageous for themselves, so they often change their strategies and approaches.

It’s very important for them that they’re always moving, not necessarily in a precise direction. This is because Aquarius rules over circulation. Metaphorically, they need to turn around and spin, just like blood runs through the body.

They should allow themselves to continue aspiring for greater things as soon as they have made one of their dreams come true, as their path in life is broader and much more than they imagine it to be.

Aquarius Rising Appearance

Mannered and with a quick walk, Aquarius Rising natives also dress strangely, getting others’ attention with their eccentricity. They’re attractive because their face has well-formed features, not to mention they have a slim body and are quite tall.

Many things in their body can be large, from their face and neck to their stomach and feet. This doesn’t make them less appealing. Their hair is thick and dark, and they keep it arranged in a sober manner.

As a matter of face, their facial expressions inspire seriousness too. At the same time, they have sparkling eyes and their glance is profound.

Everything about their appearance indicates originality and a zest for life. Either way, they can astonish everyone when entering a room, just because they’re very attractive.

Love and Romance

People see Aquarius Ascendant individuals as weird and eccentric because their ideas are always progressive, and they care nothing about any rule. Being different to others because Saturn represents structure and Uranus is the planet of chaos, these rules of their Rising sign makes them rather contradicting.

One thing is sure about them though; they have a special magnetism and can electrify others with just one look or idea.

When it comes to relationships and sex, they’re very unpredictable, craving stability one moment and rejecting traditional coupling the other. This is why they need to be with someone who thinks progressively and isn’t in any way possessive.

Good to Remember about Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Rising people need to be optimistic and to trust their own ideas because they can really help humanity. They’re the ones defending freedom, fighting for lost causes and preaching equality. These are their best assets.

While different from others, they can still find many people who agree with them. Idealistic and at the same time practical, these natives are also very preoccupied with how good the humanity is.

At the same time, they’re rebellious and unusual. What they should do is fight more for their own ideas, no matter how strange they may sound.

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