Pisces Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Pisces Rising


Pisces Rising individuals are very sensitive and can feel other people’s emotions. As a matter of fact, their sensitivity is both a gift and a curse for them because while they’re able to see people or who they actually are, they also take on their problems upon themselves, which can be painful.

Pisces Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: Caring and co-operative, Pisces ascendant want everything around them to be in perfect equilibrium.
  • Appearance: Small and shy, their discreet appearance makes it easy for them to retreat when they need to.
  • Love and Romance: They long for stability, even if their emotions don’t allow for it, so for this reason they need a partner who is grounded.
  • Life Advice: Finding ways of using their highly emotional state for a greater good is key to happiness for Pisces ascendant.

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They should learn to recognize their own feelings and to express them as much as possible, especially when having to. If they want to learn more about how they can do this, they should study both their Sun and Moon signs.
It can be very challenging for them to project their own self into their surroundings, as they can be confused about which are their own qualities and which they have inherited. The Pisces sign urges them to merge with their environments and to no longer see where boundaries begin.

Pisces Ascendant Personality

People born with their Ascendant in Pisces love peace and want everyone in their surroundings to get along perfectly.

They’re open-minded, flexible and willing to cooperate, even if their personality is always changing as a result of their mood swings. It’s like they’re a person one moment, a completely different one the other.

For example, they can be quiet and reserved for an hour, after which they can become high-strung and very sociable, only to return to preferring solitude in the end.

Regardless of their moods, they’re always soft in their head and allow their emotions to influence them. Furthermore, they’re very receptive and can feel what others are going through. It doesn’t matter what situation they may be in, they think that everything is going to get better.

Living in a fantasy world, they can’t see reality for what it is. Their dream world has better things to offer, so they prefer to remain in it. Their escapism leaves them vulnerable to problems though because they don’t know how to make realistic decisions when required to.

Their personality is strong, and they have a special charisma that helps them be irresistible. Besides, they’re very soft, polite and mysterious.

While emotional, they’re still psychologically strong, much more than they are physically. In fact, when it comes to the health of their body, they’re prone to hygienical problems and allergies.

Because they see the world in an overly positive manner, it’s impossible for them to be objective or to make important decisions fast. Furthermore, they don’t make plans for the future because they know they change their mind every minute.

The harsh reality scares them and they can’t be organized, no matter what. At least they’re very creative and have a rich imagination, which means they can be talented artists and even psychics.

Many of them are passionate about philosophy and religion, loving to learn new things in these areas and to have the knowledge others don’t even dream of possessing. They like to travel, to perform in sports and to dance. The more self-confident they are, the more they can achieve in life.

It’s good that since they don’t make plans, their options are always open. This means they take every moment at a time. Reality is too scary for them, so they choose to see only the good. As a result, it’s very easy for them to get deceived.

Wanting to escape harsh facts, they’re restless and always unhappy, all while still doing things their own way and trying to be in control in spite of their changeability. Pisces Rising individuals give a lot of importance to feelings and can immediately recognize them in others. Since they can feel the pain of the people in their life and even strangers, they’re very good healers.

When it comes to their love life, they need a partner who can calm them down and is peaceful, someone who’s ready to be by their side in the long run. They often miss important details, which causes their problems to get bigger until they no longer know how to deal with them. Besides, many may want to take advantage of them because they’re very compassionate and gullible.

When criticized, they feel like their entire world is being destroyed. Negative energy also impacts them harshly. They just can’t protect themselves from either of these two.

Sometimes very lonely, they don’t want to interact with anyone. What they should do when feeling like this is meditate and be more introspective because they could discover that they have many hidden talents as a result of intense thinking.

When it comes to the best careers for them, these are the ones in which they’re helping others or are being creative. They also like secrets, so they could be good psychologists.

What they should learn in life is to dream less and do more. Because they need to care for someone, they most likely have many pets. Some Pisces Rising natives are very good at communicating with animals and helping them relax.

Spirituality and Strengths

The Pisces Rising sign is symbolized by two fish that are bound yet moving in different directions. These two creatures represent the soul and the material nature of Pisces Ascendant people, who need to see things through their soul before feeling comfortable in their own skin.

These two sides of them can often oppose one another, which means the natives need to be more spiritual without ignoring the materialistic side of life. They have to feel satisfied in both the real and the spiritual world because one without the other has no significance.

This balance can be achieved if they focus on their own instincts. Of course, other people’s opinions are important too, but they should never do something that’s against what their heart desires.

If they don’t know how to listen to their inner voice, they just need to take breaks from the everyday world and to retreat to a place where they can meditate. After all, their sensitivity makes them very good psychics, so they’re able to hear what their inner self desires.

At the same time, they should use their instincts for intellectual endeavours and not be their victim. Their Rising sign rules the feet, so they need to walk a lot, both physically and mentally, if they want to learn how to be more efficient at dealing with problems.

Pisces Rising Appearance

People born in the Rising sign of the Pisces are well-proportioned and rather small. Their eyes are big and dreamy, with long eye lashes. They have small feet and short arms and legs.

Shy and with a soft voice, they can make people feel better in the worst situations. When older, these natives have the tendency to become overweight and to develop a double chin. Their mouth is wide and they have a lot of hair that’s usually dark. Their limbs are small just like fish’s fins.

Love and Romance

Those with their Ascendant in Pisces want to be in a stable and serious relationship. They need a practical and realistic partner to help keep their feet on the ground.

Being compassionate and emotional, Pisces Rising natives need to be protected too, against themselves first. Besides, they hate confrontations and usually don’t know how to put their ideas into practice because they’re only romantic and creative.

In relationships, they’re usually the passive partners who idealize their other half. Their love is given freely, and they never expect anything in return. Easy to become emotionally attached, they can suffer a lot after a breakup.

Most of the time, they live a love story inside their head, so reality can badly hit them when it kicks in. People see them as romantic, sensitive and very generous. After all, they’re the natives that represent dreams, imagination and feelings.

Some may want to take advantage of their goodness. When it comes to dating and sex, they need to be strong and to set some boundaries if they don’t want to end up being deceived. They need to learn how to receive because they just give too much. Their imagination is great in the bedroom.

Good to Remember about Pisces Ascendant

Pisces Ascendant people need to balance imagination with compassion and sensitivity, all while avoiding escapism. When wanting to feel liberated, they just isolate themselves, which can be confusing for their loved ones.

It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, they need to manifest their talents while remining grounded. For example, they can be very spiritual and at the same time make a living from it by helping others be the same.

Very compassionate, they could also think about a career in health. They can also make for great counsellors or therapists. What’s also important for them is that they learn when to give and when not to. This means they need boundaries. Without boundaries, everyone may take advantage of them.

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