Love Behaviour of Water Signs: Emotionally Deep


Those who are born under the Water element can keep people connected to their own heart and are more humane because they’re intuitive almost to the point of being psychics, not to mention able to read between the lines and guess thoughts.

Water Signs in Love in a Nutshell

  • Using their heightened intuition, Water signs display a greater level of care in relationships.
  • They have a deep connection with their emotions – multi-layered like the fluids that represent them.

They dream a lot and are the most caring natives in the zodiac. When it comes to what they can do, Water individuals can be great writers, detectives and doctors. Their element is calming and feminine, so they’re more attracted to those who are similar with them and gentle.

It’s important for these people to be careful with how much they’re working and drinking. Because they’re capable of loving more intensely than anyone else, they’re great caretakers.

Aside from having their sensitivity levels heightened, they’re also very emotional, romantic and moody. The fact that they’re also beautiful and kind can hide all their insecurities, especially when it comes to love.

Even if the Cancer, the Scorpio and the Pisces are all Water signs, they do have different traits and are astrologically influenced in unique ways.

As far as compatibility goes, they should consider the way they’re expressing the Water element and address romance.

For example, the Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means he or she loves to initiate and to lead, also that he or she is impulsive and very energetic.

In Crabs, the Water element is expressed at an emotional level. Cancers are also the mothers of the zodiac, meaning they’re always helping those in need and usually cry when having to deal with something that seems tragic for them.

These people don’t usually wallow in their own emotions because they’re ready to express them. It can be said they’re the toughest Water signs in the zodiac, but not in an open manner, as they tend to hide their strength under a vulnerable mask.

When being lovers, Cancers need to feel the strong emotions of their partner. In return, they will be caring and make sure the person they love has everything he or she needs. They seem to know what the other needs and how to give it to him or her.

The Nurturing Qualities of the Water Signs

As far as compatibility goes, they’re the most suited to those who need them and accept the fact that they’re going to be taken care of. People who don’t like being nurtured shouldn’t even get close to a Cancer.

The Scorpio is different because he or she doesn’t want to mother anyone. Scorpio is a fixed Water sign, which means he or she expresses love just like a Cancer, is also emotional and has increased sensitivity, but in a fixed manner.

Being the most stubborn Water sign, the Scorpio has an intense emotional energy and is very secretive. When things are starting to move, the person born in Scorpio will remain fixed on his or her purpose and get things done the way he or she wants to.

When it comes to compatibility, the Scorpio needs someone intense and private because he or she has very deep feelings. Not like the Cancer, the Scorpio needs to be with someone powerful and independent because this sign is attracted to mysterious and strong people. His or her sexual drive should be mentioned too, so his or her partner needs to be lusty.

The Pisces is the most emotional and sensitive of the Water signs, also mutable. The Water element in people born under this sign is expressed through moods that are changing.

Different to Cancers, Pisces are driven by storms and can adapt to anything. They’re very complex people, so others usually don’t understand them, perhaps because they’re always changing and taking the shape of the one they’re with.

As lovers, Pisces people can be whomever their partner wants them to be. They need to be understood and not taken advantage of.

Joy Carter

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