Love Behaviour of Earth Signs: Loyal and Trustworthy


Being very reliable, Earth people are also the most trustworthy businesspeople and employees. What they should do is avoid being too rigid and rational. It’s important they accept change from time to time. Being around Earth people can be very enjoyable because they give a lot of importance to beauty and quality.

Earth Signs in Love in a Nutshell

  • Amongst the most dependable in the Zodiac, Earth signs help relationships remain grounded and secure.
  • Earth elements place security at the top of the priority list, so they have no problem taking things slowly in matters of love.

When it comes to love, those belonging to the Earth element are practical as you would expect, not to mention always ready to make a commitment. They wouldn’t date without feeling like their relationship is going somewhere, which means they need to be with someone compatible with them, as well as a person who doesn’t hurry too much.

Taurus is the slowest and needs to be certain of his partner’s feelings, the Virgo never makes the first move, while the Capricorn usually has a list of what he or she wants from a lover.

Neither of them is rushing into relationship but are faster when it comes to committing. The idea of being with someone for a lifetime doesn’t scare them because they think it’s the most practical thing they can do.

These people are never wild, so life with them can be pretty secure. Being fixed, the Taurus is very loyal, almost to the extreme.

The Virgo needs to be sure that the feelings of his or her partner are the same as his or hers because if they aren’t, anxiety may become the word of the day for this native.

The Capricorn needs someone who’s as dedicated to work as he or she is. Looking at the way they see and approach romance, these natives are subtle and don’t usually express their emotions, especially the Taurus and the Virgo. The Capricorn may be a little bit more open, but not too much, though.

Solid Security is of the Utmost Importance for Earth Signs

As far as passion goes, Earth signs usually get started very slowly, but as soon as they do, they turn into very passionate creatures.

However, they need to be instigated and to have a sincere interest for the person who’s trying to make them express their affection. Just because they don’t want to jump into bed with someone, it doesn’t mean they don’t like that person.

Earth people can have a very difficult time breaking up because they’re very loyal and don’t want to let go of their partner. When their relationship is getting close to the end, they may try and save it once again, but not by expressing their emotions, rather by being logical and trying to find rational solutions to problems.

The Taurus, however, may be the one expressing rage, while the Virgo is more anxious than ever. The Capricorn tries as much as possible to remain cool because he doesn’t want to seem like he cares.

Otherwise, Earth signs can make people feel comfortable and secure because they would never stray afar and know how to listen.

More than this, they have a lot of respect for their partner and would never want to change this about their relationship. They like for things to be taken slowly because they need to feel secure about their partner’s feelings.

At the same time, they want to be given loyalty and to make plans for the future with the person they’re in love with. All Earth signs are very happy when in a relationship, as they really want to have a family and to live in a comfortable home with the one they love.

Joy Carter

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