Leo Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Leo Rising


Leo Rising personalities are authoritative and want to express themselves as much as possible because this is how they reveal their true self and maintain.

Leo Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: Strong and domineering, their regal nature means they find themselves at the center of attention.
  • Appearance: Full of hair just like the lion that represents them, they take pride in how they look, walking with their head up and chest out.
  • Love and Romance: Their inner child makes them a fun parent, but they need a partner who is more docile.
  • Life Advice: Leo Ascendant need to remember that they are the King of the jungle, and don’t need validation from those around them.

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From every point of view, their purpose in life is to shine. They have a strong need to be respected and important. Seeming self-confident and warm, they’re also very generous. Their talents are strong and unique, but this doesn’t mean they should ever stop developing them because as soon as they do it, they no longer improve and become the best that they can be.

The drama in their life and their extravagance are signs that they’re rather insecure on the inside. A lot in their life depends on what choices they’re making, but that goes for everybody else too, not only them.

Leo Ascendant Personality

Leo Ascendant people are always looking to be in the center of attention. They have a regal air and radiate charisma, so others can’t help it but be attracted to their magnetism.

Besides, they give a lot of importance to looks and pay attention to what they’re wearing, so it’s almost impossible to not notice them. At the same time, they’re always happy and charming. These natives are very preoccupied with building a good self-image because they want everyone to like them. Most of their efforts are focused on appearing to be the best, the most beautiful and richest.

For them, life is a stage on which they need to play the role of heroes. They have many ambitions and make a lot of money, mostly because they need it to buy luxury items. Many of them have temper tantrums, hurry to draw conclusions and self-indulge in pleasure.

At the same time, they’re idealistic, ambitious and driven to succeed. Because they want to hold all the power, they seem bossy and demanding, but at least they really know how to organize things and are very good managers.

They overestimate their abilities, getting excited and enthusiastic about every new project. When it comes to the perfect careers for them, these are as spokespersons and promoters. They’re dramatic and demonstrative, so they could sell anything, even if they exaggerate and would do anything in their power to end up being admired by everyone. Since they enjoy drama and thrive on it, they’re emotional outbursts are usually loud and many.

Impulsive when having to make a decision and when spending money, they often end up owning things they don’t actually need. At least they’re very optimistic and usually manage to solve the problems in their life with a smile on their face.

When curious about what’s happening in their circle of friends and gossiping, they’re annoying and overbearing, seeing as they want to dominate discussions.

Their desire to lead all the time can also be too much. Just like the lion, which is the animal representing them, they have to be kings and queens. This means they’re domineering and controlling, yet protective and kind.

When new opportunities come their way, they get very excited and think that they can handle anything. Sometime this is true, especially if they need to do something in promotion or sales. This is because they can turn anything into gold by advertising it in a smart manner.

The fact that they see life as a big drama doesn’t help them in any way because they can’t understand reality for what it is. Their disposition is always sunny, and they never hesitate to speak their mind. Very stubborn too, they have a real problem breaking old habits.

One of their greatest assets is their tenacity. When others are tired and want to give up, they come to inspire and to motivate because they have a lot of energy and endless enthusiasm. If something interests them, they’re ready to jump on it and to work very hard. For this reason, they need to learn how to sometimes just relax and observe.

Some of their negative traits are being hungry for power, manipulative and having a big ego that always needs to be stroked. They can also be too demanding, aggressive and loud, not to mention so self-absorbed that others’ advice doesn’t matter to them whatsoever. As a matter of fact, they believe that those who accept from other people are weak.

What’s great about them is that they’re fun, happy and the best company. Those who give them importance and admire their talents will be showered in their love, not to mention they’re very good leaders too.

It doesn’t matter if young or old, they’re children on the inside. Their loved ones will enjoy their generosity and warmth every day. With a sturdy and strong physique, they look youthful for their entire life. Because they give too much importance to appearances, they can make the wrong friends once or twice.

Their talents are usually artistic and they’re very hardworking, which is why they tend to suffer from anxiety, exhaustion and heart problems.

No matter the contest, be it in sports or a trivia game, they want to win. Their self-confidence can be a problem oftentimes. It’s important to not embarrass them in front of others because they’re very proud.

Leo Rising natives are also courageous, energetic, impulsive and ready to take risks others wouldn’t even dare to think about. They usually have big homes and expensive clothes.

While easy to get angry, they also let go in a blink of an eye and don’t hold grudges. Very romantic, they love to dream and have the determination to make their wishes become a reality.

Spirituality and Strengths

The zodiac’s first four signs were the ones of intuition; desire for self-expression, depth of emotions, capacity of thoughts and potential for reproducing.

The Leo Ascendant brings capacity of will. In the plant world, will is represented by the fruits’ ripening, whereas for humans, it’s their drive to put their creative ideas to work and their aspiration to be more spiritual.

The power of will is expressed the most in children around 10 to 13 years of age, when they’re engaging in life completely, are looking to experience new things and to interact in a creative manner. They’re also testing their will against their loved ones, learning what it can do to them. What’s interesting here is that they reflect the Leo Rising’s energy perfectly when doing all these things.

These people usually gather the information sent their way by their intuition, after which they try to integrate it in the physical world and give their best to use their spirit, no matter what action they may take. This helps them be more self-conscious than ever before.

Leo Rising Appearance

Leo Ascendant individuals usually have a lot of hair that looks a lot like a lion’s mane. Their head is big and their facial features prominent. Their regal disposition has them respected and being given a lot of attention.

While mannered, they still make a lot of drama out of anything. These people have broad shoulders and can carry a lot of weight, because their muscular and skeletal systems are very strong, giving them a lot of strength in the upper body.

This is why they’re bigger in the torso than they are in the legs, just like real lions. Most of them are tall, whereas those who aren’t keep their head up, seeming taller.

All Leo Rising natives take good care of their hair, which is usually long, sleek and straight, of a light color. They have a large head and round eyes, usually of colors hazel or grey. Their complexion can be flushed, red or ruddy.

Love and Romance

Leo Risings are famous for their loving and warm heart. As lovers, they’re loyal and attentive. It’s fun to raise a family with them because they’re big kids themselves and know how to entertain while demanding respect and knowing how to educate children.

It can be challenging for them to find their ideal partner because they don’t want to share the spotlight with anyone. Their spouse has to be someone self-confident and patient, if possible, in the signs of Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius.

Good to Remember about Leo Ascendant

Leo Ascendant people need to feel good about revealing their true self and to no longer demand validation everywhere they’re going. After all, they’re joyful, creative and funny enough to shine in every situation.

More than this, they’re very good leaders and know how to organize things, even if they sometimes use their creativity too much and become very dramatic.

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