Capricorn Ascendant: Key Personality Traits of Capricorn Rising


When it comes to the people born with Capricorn Rising, they have a dual nature, being capable, organized and serious on one hand, while on the other, self-doubting and unaware of their amazing ability to achieve what they want.

Capricorn Ascendant in a Nutshell:

  • Personality: Responsible and ambitious, their focus can often be clouded by their inner desire for stability above all else.
  • Appearance: Their appearance can mimic their demeanor at times, as they can be short and off-putting to others.
  • Love and Romance: Not that they’re cold, but they often see relationships as a matter of mutual gain rather than pure love.
  • Life Advice: Capricorn Ascendant would do well to stop once in a while to look around themselves and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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This combination is rather peculiar, but they can balance it with time. Saturn, which is their Ascendant’s ruling planet, is influencing them to be patient, good executives and the best at handling any difficult situation, all while also making them fearful, awkward and pessimistic.

They’re ambitious and strong, yet they don’t trust themselves because they think they’re not capable of making their dreams come true.

Capricorn Ascendant Personality

Whereas the Tauruses’ seriousness is rather unassuming, the one of Capricorn Ascendant natives is sure. These people have a dry sense of humor.

At the same time, they can refrain themselves from laughing at the best jokes if they want to appear serious and grave. Sometimes, they make fun of things others can’t understand, such as of death and disease, yet the best of comedians really get them and are amused at what they’re saying.

Not only are these natives focused on what they have to do, they’re also ambitious, competent, hardworking and determined to have a good social position. They care a lot about what others think of them.

When it comes to the way they dress, this is always as if they’re going to the office. They want to achieve success no matter what and most of the time they do it because they’re very hardworking.

Responsible from a very young age, they’re always by the side of the ones they love and are very reliable. While self-confident and calm on the outside, their inner world is rather restless and dominated by insecurities. They worry too much about the future and want to have stability regardless of their current situation.

While sometimes it may appear like they have achieved success overnight, they have in fact worked very hard for it. When focusing on making one of their dreams come true, they’re ready to make sacrifices and no longer care about their own desires.

The only thing they may indulge in is fashion because they always want to give the impression that they’re accomplished from a professional point of view.

Their success always comes from effort. They never give importance to emotions and are rather practical, focused on their career and so serious that no one even dares to approach them.

In their childhood, they have most likely played the role of the big brother or sister because they’re very wise. Their family perhaps relied on them too much too, but only because they played along. Traditions the connection they have with their relatives are very important to them.

Capricorn Rising natives would never blame anyone else for their own mistakes because they’re very responsible. At the same time, they want to make sure that their family has all the security it needs, especially from a financial point of view, as they’re not at all the type to provide emotional support.

They’re trying to make everything better all the time, to advance in their career, to work harder and to make more money. They identify themselves a lot with the materialistic side of life, so they manage to accumulate a considerable wealth during their lifetime.

For them, their social position represents who they are, not to mention they choose to spend their time with successful people without even realizing that they’re doing it.

Their birth or childhood may have been difficult. Because there are always many things they don’t like about their own personality, they behave strangely and don’t like talking about themselves. Deep inside, they have many insecurities and are fearful, sometimes self-destructive because they can’t understand their own feelings.

Capricorn Rising people put up a cheerful face for others, whereas on the inside, they’re doubting themselves every step of the way. No one can stop them from taking on challenges and working hard because they want to achieve success on all levels, be it personal, professional or social.

They need to marry someone who can protect their emotions. When looking for a partner, they’re interested in the attraction they’re feeling first.

Not at all superficial about relationships, but they do care about the social status of the person they’re in love with, looking at what clothes he or she is wearing and being very curious about his or her career.

Keeping nicely dressed themselves and having a good position at work, they want to be with someone who’s the same. More than often, Capricorn Ascendant people are the ones in the success stories of self-made millionaires, even if perhaps they had a difficult childhood.

They’re practical, conservative and composed. As children, they may have had delicate health, but as adults they’re usually very strong. The younger they are, the timider and more sensitive they tend to be. However, they have an inner drive to achieve success because their wish is to become rich and important. The tests of their life often have a lot to do with being humble.

Wiser than they’re supposed to be at their age, they always respect the rules and norms of society, which may make them seem boring, even if they aren’t. In fact, they’re quite fun, just very rational.

Spirituality and Strengths

In Capricorn Rising natives, there’s a strong contrast between the material and emotional worlds. Both belong to the human condition, so what these people need to do in order to become more spiritual is to blend these two forces inside of them, to make sure the material realm is a catalyst for their spiritual development.

If they’re too obsessed with money and possessions, they’re no longer happy inside their heart and their emotions can disappear completely. For this reason, they need to focus on their progress and to make sure it’s not one-sided.

Only synthesis can put them on the right spiritual path in their life. What they’re best at is solving problems in a very intelligent manner.

At the same time, they’re very good students, no matter if the subject is life or something more formal. After accumulating enough knowledge about something, they can develop amazing skills in that area, which can make them feel spiritually fulfilled.

This is why it’s very important for them to have a job that doesn’t only bring them a lot of money, but also makes them happy.

Capricorn Rising Appearance

Capricorn Ascendant individuals are usually fit and have a flat chest. Their complexion is swarthy and their face small with sharp features. Many people may think of them as unapproachable, snobbish and cold. They’re usually short and have a strange walk.

Since their Rising sign rules the joints and the bones, they’re prone to arthritis and knee injuries. Their bones are prominent and they don’t have a tendency to put on too much weight. With a thin neck and dark hair, they’re always looking rather delicate and feminine.

Love and Romance

Many people see the Capricorn Rising natives as too serious and reserved. They’re also perceived as responsible and a good shoulder to cry on, ambitious, boring and a little bit dry.

This is because they usually make strange jokes and focus too much on their work. For them, climbing the social ladder is the most important thing in life, so they won’t stop at anything, not even at love, in their way towards success.

As a matter of fact, they approach relationships as business partnerships, which is not necessarily a bad thing because they’re very serious about them and want to have a stable future next to their partner. However, they should keep in mind that dating should be fun too.

Good to Remember about Capricorn Ascendant

When it comes to who they are, Capricorn Ascendant individuals are always on their way to becoming better. While doing so, they usually forget to enjoy life and to notice that rules can be sometimes broken.

Persevering, they always manage to make their dreams come true. When doubting themselves, they should stop and look at what they have managed to accomplish.

Natural born leaders and good strategists, they have a plan for everything, but this doesn’t mean things always happen the way they expect them to. What’s also interesting about them is that they expect only hardship from life.

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